What does the internet mean to you?

25 years ago this weekend, the World Wide Web was released to the public by W3C; a historic landmark in tech history. To celebrate, we asked various digital businesses and Digital Catapult staff for their thoughts on how the internet has progressed and what the next 25 years has in store.

“I think it’s fair to say that the internet will be pervasive. Every person and every “thing” will be connected in some way. Devices will become smaller, more powerful and then, effectively, disappear. Data will increase dramatically and be consumed by autonomous agents who will analyse, filter and curate the data to provide individuals or systems with just the information or insight they need.” – Tom Gray, Head of Digital Catapult Centre Northern Ireland

“#MyInternet is helping us transform the way parents access healthcare” says Brigitte West, Marketing Manager for WellVine @WellVine4Health

“#MyInternet is helping us transform the way parents access healthcare”: Brigitte West, Marketing Manager, WellVine

“No-one could have predicted that a way to compose and link hypertext documents and serve them over a network would profoundly change human society. Widespread global collaborations have succeeded beyond anything we could have ever dreamed. Looking forward to the next 25 years is an impossible task, but even in the next five we expect to see many more devices connected to the internet than people connected today forming the Internet of Things, and the resulting data streams will be the fuel for increasingly autonomous and accurate artificial intelligence systems. The upheavals we have in store could be even greater than those we’ve seen over the last 25 years.” Marko Balabanovic, Chief Technology Officer, Digital Catapult

The internet represents ‘awesome group creativity’ says Sarah Hutchinson, Product Designer for Mindiply @mindiply

The internet represents ‘awesome group creativity’: Sarah Hutchinson, Product Designer, Mindiply

“The internet has no doubt been one of the greatest inventions of all time. It has been a great societal leveller, cutting across all social, geographical and racial divides allowing pretty much anyone, anywhere, access to the plethora of data and knowledge that the internet so beautifully indexes and delivers. I predict the internet (with help from AI) will become the defacto place to go for key decisions in our lives.” Peter Karney, Head of Product Innovation, Digital Catapult

“The first time we met the web, it offered a parallel universe of linked information – a window on a world around us – an amazing wealth of globally accessible content and potential new services. Today the mobile web and the apps that surround it are becoming an operating system for our lives.” Jeremy Silver, CEO, Digital Catapult

What does the internet mean to you? Where do you think the World Wide Web could take us over the next 25 years? Share your thoughts on Twitter using the #MyInternet hashtag and the @DigiCatapult handle.

Learn about the internet’s finest moments in our ‘A brief history of the World Wide Web’ infographic.

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