Here’s what people say about working with the Digital Catapult.

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From the perspective of a founder, starting up is like waking up every day to scale an insurmountable mountain.  Digital Catapult is like a nurturing base camp to prepare for the adventure ahead.

Katryna Dow

CEO & Founder, Meeco

No one can work alone and our work with the Digital Catapult has proved just that. Our relationship with the Digital Catapult has been invaluable to our business model and development. We’ve gained the confidence and insights needed to push us forward thus providing new ways of thinking, enabling us to unlock key business foundations.

Dr Leonard Anderson

Co-Founder, Kemuri

Working with the Digital Catapult has been fantastic, they are a great bunch of knowledgeable and extremely well connected people. Their space and events are also superb.

Felix Jackson

Founder, MedDigital

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I have been really impressed by how the organisation has created a vibrant ecosystem in an incredibly short space of time. Where some organisations can take years to find their stride and deliver economic impact – the SMEs that I am linked to are already reaping rewards from working with the Digital Catapult.

Mary McKenna

Early stage angel investor in tech,

Our relationship with the Digital Catapult is one that we are most enthusiastic about – I see our partnership with them as key to our future. They have been a great catalyst and have focused our ability to work with the right partners.

Hendrik Kleinsmiede

Innovation partner, Visa Europe Collab

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Digital Catapult has been invaluable in providing exposure and building the credibility of 51Degrees, working together has really helped with securing meetings and forging new contacts. Providing 51Degrees with access to Digital Catapult’s experience, knowledge and considerable network, we gained the support we needed to help us meet our challenges and develop key new opportunities.

James Rosewell

CEO and Co-founder, 51Degrees

Thanks to the Digital Catapult we have more than doubled the size of our company in less than 12 months and are pushing our disruptive technological innovation to the largest players in the construction sector.

Dr Jozef Dobos

Founder & CEO, 3D Repo Ltd

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Thanks to Digital Catapult support PixelPin has been able to develop into a fully funded company, with paying customers, a great pipeline and resources to develop the platform.

Geoff Anderson

Founder, PixelPin Ltd

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Having spent time really understanding our issue and what we wanted to achieve, digital catapult put fantastic effort into leveraging their network to get a good mixture of contributors along to the pit stop. This helped us get some really thorough and grounded insight into the topic.

Julian Kirby

Director, PWC

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This unique collaboration has not only helped the Natural History Museum to explore innovative ways to meet its own aims, it has also moved forward thinking in other similar organisations globally that may wish to undertake similar, bold projects in the future.

John Kucernak


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Our partnership with Digital Catapult has accelerated Golden Egg’s knowledge of emerging technology and disruptive innovations and broadened our network of world leading experts. As a result, we are attracting the interest of some of the UK’s largest and most exciting organisations.

Steve Boulton

CEO, Golden Egg Innovation

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The Digital Catapult are one of our strongest and most vigorous UK partners. We are actively pushing the innovation agenda forward together. Through both events and strategic collaborations, the Catapult team has helped to raise our profile and accelerate our activities in our first full year of operation here.

Dennis Moynihan

UK Director, EIT Digital

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Working with the Digital Catapult has given us the break we’ve been looking for. We’ve been able to gain invaluable advice and support on authentication, the projects and work have pushed us to keep going. This paired with access to the right relationships and funding have enabled us to support our business growth and develop relevant industry solutions.

Howard Yates

Founder, Tento Technologies

Through the related events and press activity we have been able to gain new insights into the Internet of Things market place and valuable feedback on our products. We have been able to raise our profile and formed collaborative and supportive relationships with peers, as well as key partnerships and new business opportunities.

Kirstin Hancock

Co-Founder and Head of Marketing, Blue Maestro

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