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VR Brighton Meetup #6: Virtual Futures

This special VR Brighton meet-up for Brighton Digital Festival looks at VR Futures. We are delighted to have acclaimed sci-fi author Al Robertson talking about how he created imaginary VR/AR technologies for his two published novels, and what he learnt from that about how to build effective VR environments. In addition, we will also be […]

Venice and the Island of VR

Digital Catapult’s Virtual and Augmented Reality Technology Lead, Rebecca Gregory-Clarke, shares her thoughts and aspirations for immersive technology following her recent visit to the Venice Film Festival 2017. Not so long ago, putting on a VR demonstration meant turning up to a venue with a box full of unruly equipment and hoping that somebody had […]

5G Workshop: Exploring VR/AR powered by 5G

This the second in our series of 5G events, will inform and support those who are interested in the impact of 5G connectivity on immersive technologies, especially virtual and augmented reality.

Open City Documentary Festival 2017

Open City Documentary Festival creates an open space in London to nurture and champion the art of creative documentary and nonfiction filmmakers.

A-Frame Beginners Workshop – get started with WebVR

Bring your own laptop and have fun learning and hacking, and start building your very own WebVR experience. A-Frame is a web framework for building virtual reality experiences, making it easy for anyone to get involved with virtual reality.

Virtual Reality and Empathy

With the development of immersive technologies, we are now able to experience things that previously could only be imagined in science fiction. Kim Arazi, innovation sparker and Women in Tech advocate, explains how virtual reality is giving people access to new experiences and insights that can help bring us together. Want to trek through the […]

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