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EU GDPR: understand the key concepts and implications for data privacy

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect on 25 May 2018. This is the most significant change to impact data privacy laws in the last 20 years. The legislation aims to harmonise laws across Europe and impact any company doing business within the continent, regardless of where it is based. Companies need […]

Chris Speed

OxChain: exploring how best to trade data as currency

The Personal Data & Trust Network has published a series of blog posts by the award holders of EPSRC DE Theme TIPS; a call supporting user driven and interdisciplinary research solving problems in trust, identity, privacy and security. This blog post* covers the OxChain project, which explores how data can be used as a currency. “In 10 years, […]

Emotion Capture and Trust Workshop

How can we build trust and ethical standards in the emotion capture industry? Find out at this exciting Personal Data and Trust Network event.

Consent receipts

Consent receipts: the future of data sharing?

Tatiana Styliari, PhD student in the Horizon Digital Economy CDT at Nottingham University, recently completed a summer internship at Digital Catapult. In this blog post, Tatiana talks about her experience working around consent receipts. My journey with Digital Catapult started with pursuing a Computer Science PhD, a far cry from my social sciences background. I […]

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