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VR – Mass or Niche Market?

The Interface is a Key to Successful Deployment of VR When you use a computer these days mostly it is quite straightforward, at least for familiar everyday programs. When you try a new application again it is pretty familiar. If you have to consult a manual it is either because you’re trying something very unusual, […]

Use Virtual Reality for a Change

In this blog, I will write about using VR for a change in two different ways: Use Virtual Reality for a change. Use Virtual Reality, for a change. Virtual Reality is going to change how we view films, how we explore our environment and how we train medical practitioners, all of which is destined to […]

VR: Virtual Embodiment

Learn about virtual reality’s growing potential and how it is being used for social good.

Virtual Reality: Virtual Embodiment

Professor Mel Slater, Maria V. Sanchez-Vives and Bernhard Spanlang, Co-founders of Virtual Bodyworks, explain how virtual reality can alter users’ ideas of presence and identity. When you open your eyes you become aware of a visual field of about 180° horizontally and 135° vertically. As you move your eyes, head and body around, what you […]