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Machine Intelligence Garage Launch

On 23 January 2018, Digital Catapult will launch the Machine Intelligence Garage – one of the biggest UK programmes designed to help Artificial Intelligence (AI) startups in the UK scale and succeed.

Machines for Machine Intelligence – Report

Digital Catapult’s study Machines for Machine Intelligence published at the launch of Machine Intelligence Garage, surveyed approximately 10% of the UK's AI and machine learning startups, and found that over half are constrained in their growth by access to computation power. A single training run for a ML system can cost upwards of £10,000.

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The unintended consequences of Consumer AI

Stimulating discussion among implementers and regulators of AI-based consumer products. The integration of AI into consumer products is already impacting society. Some academics, businesses, and governments are calling for regulatory intervention, but where do we start? It is no secret that the tight integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into consumer products is already impacting our […]

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