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Andrew Carr

Collaboration: why dating beats a single life

Usually, I use an academic quote to introduce my blogs, but this quote from Steven Spielberg nicely sets up my thoughts on success in the future: “When I was a kid, there was no collaboration; it’s you with a camera bossing your friends around. But as an adult, filmmaking is all about appreciating the talents […]

Bringing art to life with SonicPaintings

SonicPaintings, one of our showcase organisations, was commissioned by Samsung and its Dutch development partner ConspiracySinc, to design, record and install a surround soundscape to an animated visualisation of the Mesdag Panorama. Zbigniew Wolny, Co-founder of SonicPaintings, reveals more details about the project and how it is bringing art to life.  Moving Mesdag, directed by Menno Otten, is a dynamic […]

Andrew Carr

IoT or ToI

We love a good acronym in the digital world, whether it be relating to text speak, product names or the next big thing. So rather than declare what ‘ToI’ is at this stage, I will make sure you read my full blog and reveal all at the end. The Internet of Things (IoT) is not […]


Digital Catapult Showcase companies team up

Chirp, the platform that shares data with sound, has announced a new partnership with BleepBleeps, a family of connected devices for parents. Both companies were part of the IoT showcase at the Digital Catapult Centre London. BleepBleeps aims to make parenting easier, with a range of hardware that integrates with smartphones. Chirp uses sound to transfer […]

SPARKL's minion

SPARKL’s new and improved IoT Minion mascot

Another week, another Digital Catapult showcase. SPARKL were incredibly excited to once again show off our team’s special skills as part of London Technology Week. Since the last showcase, our little minion has become somewhat of a mascot for the Digital Catapult and we’ve been able to track his every move through the messaging app […]

IoT Open House

Come and meet the Digital Catapult team and the current 'Bringing IoT to Life' showcase organisations.

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