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Interoperability: It’s all about creating a common language

Semantic Interoperability put under the microscope at ETSI IoTweek in France Ask those who are in the know about interoperability and more often than not they will know exactly what you are talking about. For, after all, interoperability is all about devices communication with one another using a common language. But what happens if one […]

IoT takes centre stage in France

As part of our involvement in the F-Interop project, we recently travelled to the ETSI Headquarters in Sophia Antipolis, France, to attend their IoT Week. The ETSI IoT Week is a week of events, including presentations, tutorials and demonstrations organised by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (aka ETSI). The week focused on IoT and in particular […]

F-Interop Open Call: Lessons learnt

As more devices, networks and platforms come to market, their lack of interoperability has emerged as an obstacle to achieving true IoT benefits. Michele Nati, Lead Technologist on Personal Data and Trust at Digital Catapult explains how the F-Interop programme is attracting SMEs, keen to showcase ideas that will help to resolve this issue. Whilst […]

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F-Interop: your questions answered

Thinking about applying for the F-Interop Open Call? IoT expert Alistair Munro, recently retired from Airbus Defence & Space, explains more about what’s involved, how your IoT ideas can benefit and answers your burning questions. Interoperability has a host of benefits from sharing data, increasing business opportunities for vendors to improving infrastructure, resulting in reduced costs […]

Pilgrim Beart is Founder of DevicePilot

Scaling your connected products

Once your connected product works, how do you scale it? Pilgrim Beart, Founder of DevicePilot, explains various processes you’ll need to change in order to scale your IoT product. There are many challenges to address in the early stages of delivering a new connected product, including: Designing, building and integrating all parts of your solution […]

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