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An Introduction to 5G and the 5G testbed

This event will introduce you to 5G technology and what it can do. You will hear from experts at the forefront of 5G innovation and we will share our plans for the 5G testbed how you might become involved.

VR Brighton Meetup #5

Look forward to talks from experts in the field, live demos and networking opportunities with Digital Catapult Centre Brighton's vibrant local VR community.

Curiscope Ed Barton

Educating in Virtual and Augmented Reality

Digital Catapult Centre Brighton’s February VR meetup focused on exploring the role virtual and augmented reality can play in the teaching and training of students, at any age.  Brighton-based Curiscope, who are pioneering cutting-edge immersive technologies in education, were on hand to lead the proceedings.  Ed Barton, the firm’s CEO, was on hand after the […]

VR Brighton Meetup #4

Join Digital Catapult Centre Brighton for their first VR meetup of 2017! Expect lots of networking and get to grips with the latest VR innovations.

Brighton: Music City/Digital City

What makes Brighton a unique place and platform for music? Digital Catapult Centre Brighton will be discussing insights and challenges on 26 January.

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