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Brighton Digi Drop in: Is Quantum Computing the Next Big Thing?

New computers harnessing quantum technology are predicted to deliver the next big technology breakthrough. Sounding like something from a sci-fi novel, quantum computing takes advantage of the ability of subatomic particles to exist in more than one state at any time to deliver computational power millions of times faster than a conventional computer. There are only […]

VR Brighton Meetup #9: VR/ AR for the built environment

This VR Brighton meetup takes place on 18 January 2018 and is the perfect opportunity to learn about new immersive technologies in the built environment and do some valuable networking. Who should attend? This event will explore how immersive technology is being used to explore, design, capture and collaborate around built environments. If you are […]

VR Brighton Meetup #8: VR for Good

This VR Brighton will examine how immersive technology is being used to drive empathy for charitable causes, provide theraputic interventions and social issues. And, as always, also expect lots of networking opportunities with VR and AR innovators, as well as the chance to have a hands-on play with demos. Sign up here.  

Should Immersive Technology be more ‘Human Centric’ in order to drive mass adoption?

Immersive tech is slowing maturation, but needs great content to do so. In order to develop this content – content producers need to be human and not technology centric. Start with the human In its 2017 strategy, The Digital Catapult Centre prioritised immersive technology (augmented, virtual and mixed realities, and related new forms of human […]

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