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Clint Case Study


Read about Clixta, a photo sharing social network and the first users of Digital Catapult’s Open Permissions Platform.

Clixta launches photo sharing technology

In partnership with the Digital Catapult,  The Copyright Hub is pleased to announce the national launch of Clixta, their first live mobile application. Read on to find out more about Clixta and how you can attend their launch event. Clixta is a photo sharing social network completely focused on the past. It allows individuals, special interest groups […]

Let your imagination take you down a Labyrinth

As part of its work in sharing content and licensed data more simply, the Copyright Hub will be taking part in the upcoming VAULT festival. We’re offering a range of prizes for winners of our related competition; we’re looking for the most imaginative creative development of content with only one stipulation: the theme has to […]

Smart Contracts

Blockchain: smart contracts for creative collaborations

In the second of our series of blog posts on blockchain, we talk about ‘smart contracts’ At the Digital Catapult we’re interested in how smart contracts and blockchain can help in creative collaborations, enabling groups to come together and work in a trusted and traceable manner without having to set up a company or incur […]

Bartolomeo Meletti

Understanding copyright with Copyright User

The Digital Catapult and CREATe (University of Glasgow) are working together on the Copyright User project to help the different cultural and creative communities within the UK understand copyright. In the digital creative marketplace, copyright plays a crucial role: it gives creators and digital SMEs the tools to control and exploit their work and sets […]

Copyright and Orphan Works

This free event will bring together legal experts, archivists and museum curators to explore challenges and opportunities of the orphan works legislation.

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