Summer Intern Projects 2016

For our 2016 3-month summer internships we have a set of suggested projects that already have support and assigned supervisors. Applicants can apply to work on one of these projects, or they can suggest their own project (in a cover letter) that aligns with our focus areas. Note that we expect projects to be adapted depending on the intern’s expertise and background and also to evolve during the time of the internship, so the descriptions below are deliberately quite high level. For more information, check out what it’s like to work at the Digital Catapult or contact our recruitment team at

Apply for an internship (3 months during summer 2016)

Due to an overwhelming response we have now closed this to further applicants – sorry!

IoT Test Bed
Aggregate and visualise IoT data from various sensors within our offices
Keywords: Data science, data visualisation, databases, UX, creative coding

Open Source Developer and Advocate
Help open source our Copyright Hub Platform
Keywords: Python, JavaScript, open source software,

Copyright and blockchain
R&D the use of smart contracts and blockchain with copyright
Keywords: blockchain, copyright, python

Ontologies and the Copyright Hub
Extend the ontologies used within the Copyright Hub for generic licensing
Keywords: Python, ontologies, semantic web

Data sharing with the Building Data Exchange
Automatically identify and collate UK building data
Keywords: Data science, data crawling

People and the Internet of Things
Investigate the design and interaction for wearable technology
Keywords: Pervasive computing, IoT, HCI

Personal Data Space
Develop an infrastructure for using personal data for ‘nudge’ style behaviour change
Keywords: Behavioural analytics, personal data, data science

Data modelling
Prototyping and development using the Data Catalyser
Keywords: Data catalyser, data science, R, cloud computing

Market Analysis
Investigate the market for Data Science as a Service
Keywords: Data Catalyser, data science, business analysis, market analysis

SME Impact – Quantitative
R&D automatic methods for collating impact data for SME engagement with the Copyright Hub
Keywords: Web crawling, Web APIs, Software Development, Data Analytics

Agile Security Development
Develop Agile software development practices to ensure security is at the heart of every development
Keywords: Agile, Software Development Methodologies, Security

Data Capitalisation
Develop a business framework to enable SMEs to have data analytics at the core of their business from the start
Keywords: IoT, business plan, data framework, data science, block chain.

Open Innovation
Prepare and deliver Open Innovation workshops that enable collaborations between corporates, startups and researchers
Keywords: Open Innovation, Innovation Services, events, workshops, strategy

Apply for an internship (3 months during summer 2016)

Due to an overwhelming response we have now closed this to further applicants – sorry!