Digital Catapult is here to drive growth in the UK economy through the practical application of digital innovation and culture. We do this to make UK businesses more competitive, more productive and to drive regional growth. I’m excited to lay out our refreshed strategic vision – building on the momentum Digital Catapult has gained since its foundation in 2013.

We consulted extensively with over 250 companies across the country and our community of stakeholders. This strategy is endorsed by industry, government and academia. We’re excited to put it into action.

Accenture and Oxford Economics calculated that digital technology has the potential to yield an additional £55bn for the UK economy by 2020.* Our goal is to help companies develop new markets faster and transform existing businesses. We will do this by focusing on sectors with the most untapped potential to deliver future economic growth.

Through our London and regional centres, Digital Catapult helps UK businesses tap into digital disruption, create a culture of open innovation, and multiply growth from the grassroots up and from the boardroom down. We continue to forge deep relationships with the UK’s universities and research organisations to collaborate and tap into their thinking, to assess and demonstrate commercial application.

At Digital Catapult, we empower thousands of UK innovators to succeed – creating strong economic growth and competitiveness on the global stage, for the benefit of all. With your help and involvement, we believe that this is a strategy to transform UK business and make our whole economy more digital, more productive and a better place to work and grow.

Dr Jeremy Silver

*Data calculated from Accenture/Oxford Economics: ‘Digital Disruption: The growth multiplier’

Download our strategy document:

  • For the full strategy document please download it here.
  • For the summary strategy document please download it here.

To read our joint response with the Open Data Institute on the Industrial Strategy Green paper visit here

In January 2017 the UK Government released its Industrial Strategy Green Paper. In response to this green paper, Digital Catapult has published a joint response with the Open Data Institute (ODI), a cross-Catapult response and finally our own Digital Catapult response. To read these responses visit here.