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Blockchain technology set to revolutionise contracts for games development

Smart Contracts

There’s plenty of business media hype around the notion of so-called smart contracts and blockchain. Digital Catapult has pioneered the creation of an automated registry for digital shares in creative projects, turning some of that hype into reality.

Working with the UK Games Fund to support their experimentation with new business frameworks for creative teams, Digital Catapult has used the Ethereum blockchain to build a registry allowing automated share registration, classification and voting. Without this functionality, the UK Games Fund’s business framework would require conventional contracting to operate. This would carry costs that would mitigate against use by many creative projects in hit-driven markets where success is rarely assured.

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With Digital Catapult’s blockchain registry there’s high potential for these projects to automate the underlying agreement between the creative talent. The UK Games Fund plan to use this approach to drive greater innovation and diversity in their sector by incentivising creative talent to work outside their normal circles of trust.

Details of the business framework and the blockchain registry are available in a White Paper here.


Blockchain technology is set to revolutionise contracts for games development.

Digital Catapult and the UK Games Fund have revealed they have created a working prototype smart contract, designed to inspire talented individuals to work outside of their circles of trust and create new intellectual property (IP).

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The technical details

Sam Davies, Lead Technologist at Digital Catapult, reviews some of the technical details of the system Digital Catapult built as part of the UK Games Fund smart contracts project. Sam Davies has blogged about this here.


For more information on the UK Games Fund click here and more details of their experimental business framework can be found here.


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