Path’s products reduce the risk of falls and increase independence.

Introducing Walk with Path

Walk With Path is a healthcare company focused on injury prevention, improved mobility and user-centered design and intervention. Our products offer opportunities within therapeutic intervention by using medical devices to prevent falls, injuries, improve gait and lead to performance enhancement.

Path Feel is an insole for shoes that helps the wearer to ‘feel’ the floor better. It is designed for individuals who have reduced sensation in their feet, such as the elderly, people who have sustained injury or have serious diseases such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease. Path Feel uses tactile cues to enhance sensory perception of the environment and trigger movement.

Path Finder is a shoe attachment designed for Parkinson’s patients who suffer from Freezing of Gait (FoG), a symptom causing feet to feel as if glued to the floor. Visual cues, such as those provided by the Path Finder shoe have been found to break FoG and stimulate walking.

Use of data

Path Feel is designed for individuals with peripheral neuropathy, or sensory deficit, such as the elderly or diabetics. Path Feel incorporates sensors to collect data about the wearer and it has the ability to provide haptic feedback triggers. The patient data can detail information about the wearer’s gait, balance and posture at a given time, based on sensors placed in the insole. This information can be linked up with other data as part of a holistic IoT system. Such an interconnected solution can contribute towards a personalised treatment plan and provide a method for tracking disease progression and/or rehabilitation.


Falling and reduced mobility is a huge problem and one that could affect us all. There are over 362 million people worldwide living with mobility related issues and one in three people aged 65 and over fall each year. Evidence shows that this risk can be cut by up to 55% through exercise to improve strength and balance.

Path Feel and Path Finder aim to reduce the risk of falling. The tactile cues provided by Path Feel act to improve balance and posture, hence reducing the risk of falls. Path Finder triggers walking when freezing episodes are experienced in Parkinson’s disease. Path’s products have been developed with a strong user focus from the onset and are used in the everyday life of the individual; hence they do not require dedicated time to be set aside to practice.

In addition to the impact that falls have on health and quality of life, there are considerable costs to health care providers. The NHS spends £4.6m each day on falls among the ageing population alone, according to AgeUK. Path’s products seek to improve quality of life and reduce healthcare costs.

Five years from now...

We would like Walk With Path’s products to be the chosen assistive devices for our target groups, such as people with diabetic neuropathy, multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease. Our aim is to improve the lives of sufferers and their families, while offering the opportunity to contribute to medical research through our data collection facility.