The world’s first seated input that provides directional control in virtual reality (VR)

Introducing VRGO

VRGO was established to unlock deeper levels of immersive by bringing users closer to reality, whilst in virtual reality (VR). They accomplished this by overcoming one of the biggest challenges, movement.

The Challenge

Immersive experiences require a solution that creates movement within VR that’s more intuitive than using traditional controllers.

The Solution

VRGO is the world’s first seated input that provides directional control in VR using the locomotion of the user’s body. Simply by tilting the chair in the direction you want to move, you move in that direction within the virtual environment. It seamlessly connects to any mobile HMD headset wirelessly and works with content straight out of the box. Custom sensors use a low latency Bluetooth connection to ensure a responsive hands-free experience.


  • Hands free, so frees up fingers for other tasks.
  • Naturally movement within VR, without the need to use a joypad.
  • Experience reduced VR sickness as it has full 360-degree motion.
  • Is small and light, so can be used in any environment and even acts as a storage device.
  • Connects to both PC and mobile devices wirelessly.


At Digital Catapult

Experience VRGO Sense, a new kind of motion controller for virtual reality. Tilt and spin in the real world is translated as movement in the virtual. It’s easy to use, hands free and great fun.