Touch and manipulate virtual objects with your bare hands

Introducing Ultrahaptics

Ultrahaptics brings the sense of touch to mid-air. Its technology uses ultrasound to project sensations onto your hand, allowing you to feel and interact with virtual objects without the need for gloves, wearables or hand-held devices.


The Challenge

Without haptic feedback, augmented (AR) and virtual reality (VR) applications lack presence, limiting the level of believable engagement or interaction a user may experience.

The Solution

Ultrahaptics’ technology creates an entire acoustic field which can be carefully controlled, allowing precise sensations to be created with fingertip accuracy and at a speed that’s fast enough to track a user’s moving hand. Through a combination of ultrasonic transducers, a hand tracking device, and Ultrahaptics’ unique algorithms, users can control virtual buttons, switches and sliders, interact with 3D shapes and feel textures.


With Ultrahaptics, interactions in AR and VR become intuitive and responsive, and enable irresistible immersive experiences.

  • Increased immersion by bringing a deeper sense of presence to VR and AR. When you reach out for virtual objects you can really touch and interact with them.
  • Improved sense of control, giving you real-time feedback for mid-air gestures, increasing sense of awareness of initiating, executing, and controlling environments.
  • Improved experience that makes virtual worlds literally feel more real.
  • Faster, safer controls, without requiring visual stimuli. The sense of touch is processed 1.7 times faster than the sense of sight.
  • Completes gesture control, where before it was unresponsive, it now has instinctive two-way communication through haptic feedback.


A little more info

Many interactions aren’t intuitive with traditional game controllers. Ultrahaptics brings the sense of touch to these environments. The technology is used by global brands such as Nike, Dell, Bosch and Harman and brings touch to mid-air gestures and immersion to AR and VR environments.

At Digital Catapult

Experience the sense of touch in mid-air. Carefully control and playfully interact with virtual objects with precise sensation and fingertip accuracy.