About this company

SMARTIFY is a London-based Community Interest Company with a mission to make meaningful connections between art and audiences. Founded on the belief that nothing beats the physical experience of visiting a museum, SMARTIFY want to make art information accessible and portable.

Showcase description

Scan, identify and uncover the great stories behind your favourite art

End user benefits

  • Identify and learn more about artworks
  • Save favourites to your personal gallery
  • Listen to associated audio files on your own device
  • Advanced analytics on audiences and trending art provided to art venue partners.

A little more info

SMARTIFY has partnerships with world-class galleries internationally including the Royal Academy of Art, the Wallace Collection and the Rijksmuseum.

Technology invites a deep dive into art. SMARTIFY enhances the visitor’s experience while keeping the Artwork front and center. (New York Times)

At the Digital Catapult

The SMARTIFY demo is currently on display at our London office. Visitors will be able to scan selected artworks to discover more about the artwork on display and the artists. SMARTIFY plans to continually map new artworks as they enter the centre.

Ever wondered about the dog in the lobby? Scan it as you go past to find out more.