Transforming environmental and situational awareness data into an asset

Introducing Mothive

Mothive is a London based technology startup founded in March 2015 that designs hardware and software IoT solutions to collect environmental and situational awareness data and turn it into an asset.

Our technology is specially designed for the defence and precision agriculture sectors, where the support infrastructure is usually insufficient and the nonexistence of portable technologies greatly limits monitoring, security and productivity of assets and resources in remote locations.

Digital Catapult Technology Layers

Mothive work across the following Digital Catapult technology layers:

  • Connected– Internet of Things, low powered wide area networks
  • Intelligent– machine learning

Use of these technologies

Our first product is a self-healing wireless network of sensors and actuators used to survey an area in real time and feed the information back to users to support their decision making, trigger alerts and automatic responses. The field devices use emerging Internet of Things technologies like 6LoWPAN, RPL, MQTT, CoAP, and are programmed with customised power algorithms, which allows them to operate years without supervision or maintenance.

The intelligence gathered by the devices is accessed through a customised dashboard and it draws on machine learning algorithms running in Microsoft Azure (for example, two class boosted decision tree, two class decision regression) to enable users to predict and plan ahead.


There’s currently no recommendations system available in the market that combines data from different sources – our in situ and highly granular devices, historic and near real time satellite data, and other third party systems – provides information to farmers and supply chain, with a trustworthy confidence interval.

With Mothive’s Precision Monitoring and Recommendations System, our customers will be able to boost crops production, reduce resources and labour costs (for example, best time to seed and harvest, when and where irrigation and pesticide should be applied), and detect hazardous events, such as wildfires and theft.

Five years from now...

Five years from now, we see ourselves as a key provider of technology and recommendations in the precision agriculture space, supporting multiple crop types and regions of the world. Likewise, we want to be at the forefront of a new agricultural paradigm that includes the articulation and communication of systems to achieve fully autonomous farming and plant development. Collaboration with universities, research institutes and companies is therefore part of our strategy to really make the latter happen.

As for the defence sector, due to its highly competitive and ‘closed sector’ nature, we envision partnering with large companies, like Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems, and work as a provider of advanced ground technologies to perform intelligence, surveillance and recon operations and aid soldiers in ground combat.

A little more info

In May 2016, we secured our first paying customer in precision agriculture, Altri Florestal – a large wood and pulp company that is part of the Portuguese Stock Index – and we’re helping them improve the yield of their eucalyptus trees process.

In the defence sector, we signed a Collaboration Protocol with the Portuguese Military Academy Research Centre in April 2015. As a result, we submitted a project that is currently under evaluation and the official approval will be given in Q4 2016. Mothive has presented the project at a NATO Urban Operations workgroup meeting this year, following the invite from the Portuguese Military.

Mothive’s Precision Agriculture platform has been recently featured on ARM’s Innovation Hub website.

Mothive has been also selected to exhibit at CENSIS Tech Summit, Glasgow

At Digital Catapult

We plan to showcase our Precision Agriculture platform, where we’ll take two of Mothive’s IoT devices and one box substrate.

The demo will look like the following: one device is collecting data (soil moisture, air temperature and humidity, and irradiance) from the plant and sending the data to our server in Microsoft Azure. A laptop/iPad will access our user dashboard and everyone can see the live data being collected by the device, as well as learn how our Recommendations System can provide unique insights and predictions about crop production, reduction of costs with resources and hazardous events.