Capture, sync and share your data on your terms

Introducing Meeco

Up until now the power to capture, analyse and profit from personal data has resided with business, government and social networks. But what if you and I had the same power? Citizens, customers, students and patients are an essential part of any personalised value chain.

Meeco provides individuals with simple tools to allow them to control their personal information, and if they choose, exchange or permission it on their terms, with the people and organisations they trust. This is possible through the world’s first life management platform, released by Meeco in 2014, which enables these capabilities through the ‘API-of-Me’.

Think of Meeco like a digital assistant that helps you organise and store the important information in your life, so you can use and re-use it to help make your everyday online tasks much easier.

Use of data

The things we do, touch, wear and see collect data and charts the patterns of our lives. Data is becoming the energy source that fuels commerce, determining our access and eligibility as citizens, consumers, patients and students. As data increasingly becomes a personal asset, it’s essential that individuals have the ability to determine how the information collected about them is used. Enter Meeco; a life management platform that provides the tools to capture, sync and permission data.

All data is encrypted, and only shared with the explicit consent and direction of members. Using a simple consent manager, members can track who has access, and under what terms (set by them) their data can be used. For organisations, this feature minimises the data collection burden and provides an audit trail and transparency for GDPR compliance. Members can permission access to their data in exchange for personalised outcomes for their health and financial wellbeing, for travel, loyalty, rewards and personalised offers across all aspects of their life.


Meeco provides a beautiful and simple visual window to digital life, enabling individuals to capture and manage life’s most important information, making connected life easier by:

  • Minimising the repeat collection of personal data and reducing the time spent on admin tasks
  • Minimising the time spent completing forms and duplicating information
  • Using data to inform the personalisation of services
  • Providing trusted organisations with the insight to anticipate needs and fulfil intentions
  • Enjoying direct rewards including loyalty, discounts, personalisation and financial incentives
  • Facilitating the flow of information across silos and enabling individuals to participate directly in the value chain
  • The individual having the means to control the flow of their information for mutual benefit.

Meeco helps individuals move from being the end-user to the key enabler of value through seamless consent-based interactions.

Five years from now...

Our vision for Meeco, five years from now would be the realisation of our Manifesto. Enabling hundreds of millions of members to realise the power of their personal data through their every day life. We see this within a thriving, peer-2-peer, distributed network where individuals and organisations are equal participants in the value created.  This is facilitated by an open, interoperable platform that supports partners, members and service providers built on transparency and enabling trust.

Five years from now we see the current advertising and surveillance models, that make customers into products, replaced by new business models that will successfully shape the networked information economy.

A little more info

Over the last 12 months Meeco has been recognised through awards, reviews and case studies that showcase the value of empowering individuals through the use of their personal data.

In May 2015 Meeco received an EIC2015 Special Award for being the first to bring a Life Management Platform to market. We were recognised for enabling a multi-sided market where all participants could share in the value created via the flow of personal data.

In June 2015 Meeco received the People’s Choice for Innovation Award at the Amplify FinTech Festival. Meeco showcased personal data as the currency of the future and through empowering customers with greater control of their personal data and demonstrated how organisations can reduce significant costs while paving the way to more tailored and personal customer experiences.

In December 2015 Meeco launched Meeco Labs. Meeco Labs is our prototyping platform which allows organisations to test specific hypotheses and prove business value with new personal data solutions. Utilising real customers, real data and real solutions, The Meeco Labs journey is a custom designed pathway to new products, services, experiences and business models.

We are now actively engaged in running projects with government and enterprise in a number of sectors including:

  • Telecommunications
  • Finance, including banking, insurance and payments
  • Engineering
  • Automotive
  • Travel
  • Health
  • Retail
  • IoT & connected devices
  • Professional services
  • Education
  • Loyalty providers