Shape the world with your hands

Introducing Kurv

Kurv allows you to shape the world around you. A wearable touch controller that fits into the palm of your hand detecting motion, gesture and pressure to feel your intentions. Whether it’s playing the guitar, designing new cities in VR, or examining 3D medical imagery, Kurv enables a seamless, more human connection with technology.


The Challenge

To interact with technology without dampening our senses.

The Solution

We understand the senses and physical form of our hands, how we feel, touch and experience the world through them. The team is made up of experts in ergonomics, fashion design, musical expression and engineering. We fuse understanding of what technology can do and what humans want to do. Kurv’s design brings technology into the palm of your hand in a way that is seamless and without dampening our senses.



  • Unlimited instruments in the palm of your hands.
  • Motion, gesture and pressure input.
  • Fine-control of new technology-enabled experiences.
  • Mobile and fits into your pocket.
  • You forget you are wearing the Kurv – e.g. you can speak on the phone or type on a keyboard with the Kurv on your palms.

A little more info

In order to test the viability of the Kurv idea and its consumer interest, a Kickstarter campaign which significantly exceeded its target was concluded in January 2016. After the Kickstarter orders are fulfilled (in Q1 2018), funding will be sought and a Los Angeles office will be established. The company’s ambition is to become the wearable touch controller of choice for professionals and consumers working in computer environments.

At Digital Catapult

Experience Kurv as a virtual guitar, whether a novice or professional you can pick it up and play electric, acoustic or bass guitar in minutes. Also, try Kurv as an immersive controller for a projection with an accompanying music-scape.