Personalised financial news feed powered by crowd curation and machine learning

Introducing CityFALCON

CityFALCON is redefining how financial news is sourced, curated, distributed, and consumed.

The CityFALCON solution scores financial tweets, news and authors and displays this in a easy to use and understand dashboard. For example, if there are 200,000 stories for oil, CityFALCON score can give you the top 30 relevant stories.

Our proprietary technology creates a different news feed for every person based on their profile, interaction, and preferences powered by crowd curation and machine learning.

Use of data

There are several sources generating an increasing and vast amount of financial news, but the time we have to consume this data is reducing.  CityFALCON makes sense of financial big data in a scalable way by scoring each news story, tweet and author.  CityFALCON Score considers social media activity, crowd-curation, stock price movement and financial reports, which is then crunched by our machine learning algorithm and displays relevant information for each user.


Retail Traders and Investors: Get comprehensive, real-time and personalised financial news feed from Twitter and more than 100 publications to increase your trading and investment returns.

Asset managers: access relevant financial news and tweets (without the noise) for your watchlist, and follow influencers who impact asset prices.

Wealth managers, investment advisors: scan through the top stories for your clients’ portfolio and manage what stories your clients can and can not see.

Retail brokerages: increase user engagement and ARPU by adding a comprehensive and real-time financial news feed.

Robo-advisors: keep your clients up-to date on what’s happening with their portfolios.

Content publishers: generate additional traffic and revenue by adding your content to our products.

Consulting, accounting, research: get relevant financial content for your projects, clients, or knowledge management.

Five years from now...

We see CityFALCON to be a major player in the financial news space with multiple offices around the world, with revenues exceeding £50m.

A little more info

CityFALCON has received several awards and recognition, including winning the Next Big Idea Contest, coming second in Twitter Hatch, The UBS Future of Finance Challenge, a finalist in Standard Bank Pathfinders Challenge, City A. M. Collision, Follow Innovation, Forbes and Business Insider. See more info here.