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Home-based technology to support independent living for vulnerable adults.

Introducing Canary Care

Canary provides home-based support to vulnerable adults who wish to continue living independently.

By collecting, processing and presenting family care groups with information on movement within, temperature of, and visits to our users’ homes, Canary aims to reassure concerned relatives of the wellbeing of their loved ones.

Using a rules-based system, families can set up events for Canary to keep an eye out for. If those events occur, Canary delivers notifications straight to the mobile phones or email addresses of relatives. By raising awareness of care scenarios within families, Canary aims to help the families keep close their nearest and dearest.

Use of data

Canary Care collects data from the homes of users and presents it to their families to provide reassurance.


Supported independent living.

Five years from now...

In five years, Canary Care hopes to have developed a global reach and be a household care brand in the UK and across Europe.

Stuart Sheehy, MD at Canary Care says: “Canary aims to be at the forefront of using tech to provide information and reassurance to families to help look after their elderly and vulnerable relatives.”

At Digital Catapult

Canary Care will be showcasing its home-based support system at the Digital Catapult Centre. The potentially life-changing technology will be part of the Centre’s Data Sphere, a nine-screen installation of interactive audio-visual content featuring innovative UK digital companies.