Ai and robotics to make manufacturing easier smarter and more affordable

Introducing AI Build

London based Ai Build making manufacturing smarter, easier, safer and more affordable using a large-scale robotic and AI technology is significantly faster and cheaper than traditional 3D printing.

The Challenge

Ai Build set out to challenge the perceptions around manufacturing and construction.

The Solution

Ai Build’s robotic hardware and software lowers the costs of production, advancing manufacturing by automating and optimising the processing by computer vision and AI.

By addressing key sector challenges, Ai Build has transformed the potential for large-scale 3D printing.  Disrupting the competition and eliminating human labour in manufacturing, unlocks entirely new markets for 3D printing, reducing cost, improving efficiency and optimising quality.


Making the manufacturing process faster and more affordable, increased flexibility in the design of products.

A little more info

Ai Build launched in October 2016 premiering Daedalus Pavilion with Nvidia in Amsterdam. Ai Build is now working with worlds renowned architects and engineers such as Zaha Hadid Architects and Arup as initial customers and collaborators.

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At Digital Catapult

Ai Build has custom designed and printed the network sculpture. Representing an interconnected society of digital businesses. This large-scale sculpture celebrates this ever-growing network and how rapidly it is expanding. Printed by robots and using AI, the sculpture took 120 robot hours to produce and is currently on display at Digital Catapult.