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The VITAL MEDIA project is delivered under the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation funding programme.

Recent research activities in the ICT area, in particular in digital content and media sectors, has resulted in a number of technological enablers that allow the creation of new products and services. This has established a new converged social media environment in Europe as a playground for a large number of stakeholders, to ultimately enable creation of new business, new jobs, and revenues benefiting from these developments.

However, although the main drivers of the new media and content technologies are the large, established technology providers, the main adopters are small enterprises / SMEs, which are creating products and services to reach the end customers – European and world-wide citizens.

Subsequently, this gap is preventing the establishment of common strategies to increase take-up of technologies and, in turn, more efficient creation of new innovative product and services. Therefore, there is a clear need to establish a common European community in the area of convergence and social media, in order to lay-down common research, innovation and implementation strategies, and by involving important players from academia and research institutions, policy makers, end users, etc.

Accordingly, one of the main goals of the VITAL MEDIA project is to enlarge the community in the social media ecosystem – at the level of national and regional clusters in Europe – through collaboration among the NEM Initiative the clusters within it. The community will be brought to life through a number of activities and events, including workshops, festivals, summits and through an innovative online collaboration tool. This tool aims to facilitate discussion, establish research and innovation roadmaps, encourage cooperation between research and academic institutions and other stakeholders active in the social media field, and identify the gaps of knowledge and between technology providers, their users/ adopters, and research.

What is the main aim?

One of the main goals of the Vital Media project is bringing together the community in digital media research and innovation, making best use of social media to achieve this. This will help to grow and bring together the community at a European level, reaching national and regional clusters, through collaboration with the NEM Initiative. Via workshops and networking events, the project will engage the community at all levels, using an innovative online collaboration tool to aid collaboration.

These workshops aim to discuss and establish research and innovation road maps using strong cooperation with active research and academic institutions, covering the identified gaps between technology providers, their users/adopters, and research. Regional ambassadors will also be appointed who will champion the goals of the project to the community in their regions.

Digital Catapult’s role

Digital Catapult will be involved in the creation of networking events within the UK to facilitate collaboration & the creation of road map for digital media content and media innovation.

Get involved 

Digital Catapult, together with the NEM Initiative (New European Media), are giving micro-SMEs from across Europe the opportunity to show off their immersive tech (virtual, augmented and mixed reality, haptics and new human machine interfaces) in the New Realities showcase and competition, happening during D&AD’s annual three-day Festival in London’s bustling creative and tech district Shoreditch, Tuesday 25 – Thursday 27 April 2017.

Three successful companies will be selected to showcase their innovation and will also be in the running to win the New Realities People’s Choice Award.

As well as the Festival, fringe events will be held Monday 24 April at Digital Catapult Centre, which is in the heart of London’s Knowledge Quarter, and will be open to SMEs and other industry leaders to participate in. These events include a roundtable and panel discussion on enhancing collaborative communities across Europe – with a focus on creative content and emerging technology. The three shortlisted companies who will be at the Festival will also be invited to showcase on this evening as well.

To learn all about New Realities showcase and competition download the guide here.

For more info on how to apply, visit our Open Call page.