FED4SAE Digital Innovation Hubs

FED4SAE is a Horizon 2020 funded project that brings together a network of Digital Innovation Hubs across Europe to enable Startups, SMEs, and Mid Caps to:

  1. Build new products and services enabled by Cyber Physical Systems (CPS).
  2. Establish innovator-supplier cross-border partnerships.

Working with a consortium including Thales, Intel, STMicroelectronics, AVL and research institutions across Europe, FED4SAE aims to boost and sustain the digitisation of the European industry by strengthening competitiveness in Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) and the embedded system markets.

Through a series of three challenge led Open Calls, the project will select commercialisation ideas submitted by interested parties.

Selected innovators will receive:

  • Up to €60k in financial support to help fund application experiments.
  • Access to leading edge CPS platforms, building blocks and associated technical expertise.
  • Business case support.

In addition, there may be the potential to access additional funding for full commercialisation.

FED4SAE facilitates the development of new CPS solutions in five main application domains: smart health, smart city, smart manufacturing, smart mobility and smart transportation. It will help:

  • Deliver innovative CPS ideas to companies from every sector by leveraging the resources, know-how and cutting-edge technologies of some of Europe’s top research institutes and leading industrial companies.
  • Support companies with business modelling, market insights, and access to funding along the way from the conceptual design stage to market launch.
  • Link businesses to users and suppliers across value chains throughout Europe.

To help facilitate this, Digital Catapult is acting as one of the European digital innovation hubs in this project. It will provide CPS-skills support to selected SMEs and access to advanced IoT connectivity testbeds, link them to suitable partners to support product development, and help them to attract investment.

To find out more about this project, email our Project Manager for more information.