Solving Sector Problems to Accelerate Your Innovation

The Pit Stop is a highly focused open innovation activity designed to accelerate the growth of new ideas.

It brings together large companies, experts and small high calibre, disruptive innovators in a secure and creative environment: usually over two days at the Digital Catapult Centre.

What the Pit Stops provide:

Problem SolvingProblem Solving
Each Pit Stop tackles a specific challenge in a key business area through hands-on workshops and lively debate. Interactive sessions deliver fresh perspectives, expert insights, and tangible benefits.

Valuable ConnectionsValuable Connections
The Pit Stop connects forward thinking businesses, innovative SMEs and experts to share knowledge and create valuable connections. High quality conversations and fresh ideas are driven by an expertly curated programme of activities.

KnowledgeBuildingKnowledge Building
We bring together the UK’s foremost industry specialists and leading-
edge innovators. Whether you want to understand the implications of new technologies, develop new product ideas, or identify knowledge gaps – you will leave a Pit Stop well-equipped for continuing your innovation journey.

The Participants:

• SMEs, startups and scaleups in a relevant field
• Individual innovators not associated with a specific organisation
• Experts from key universities, research institutions, and the Digital Catapult
• Associated partners.

Benefits to the partner
• Engage in focused innovation around key business objectives
• Develop and test new ideas
• Learn about new technologies and uncover new markets
• Get access to leading edge innovators and experts
• Meet potential collaborators and suppliers
• Accelerate your company’s innovation journey.

Benefits to the innovators
• Meet and hear from market leaders
• Find potential collaborators and clients
• Grow industry knowledge and insights
• Test and validate new ideas
• Tackle specific technical and business challenges
• Join the Digital Catapult Contributor Programme – giving access to hot desks and meeting rooms.

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