Digital Economy Centres and Hubs

Digital Catapult engages with a large number of UK universities working within our technology layers. Digital Catapult also collaborates on R&D projects to accelerate the commercialisation of research and amplifying the impact to the economy, reinforcing the connection with the research community. One of the strongest new academic initiatives in recent years has been to train groups of PhD students at centres that have a critical mass of talented academics in deeply specialised areas. These “Centres for Doctoral Training” (CDTs) many of them interdisciplinary, are training the next generations of people with some of the most in-demand and valuable skills, such as data scientists and experts in games and gamification. We have partnered with a number of CDTs whose research themes will fuel the next breakthroughs in data sharing. See the overview of our university engagement for the broad view, as well as the specific partnerships listed here.  


Digital Economy Network

Find out more: We work with the DEN – the national network that supports the CDTs funded by the Digital Economy theme.

Swansea University

Find out more: CHERISH-DE – Challenging Human Environments and Research Impact for a Sustainable and Healthy Digital Economy.

Digital Catapult Representative:

Rhiannon Egerton
The CHERISH-DE Centre celebrates the little things in life, respecting humanRhiannon Egerton needs and everyday experience as critical  drivers of big technology and service innovation. CHERISH-DE works towards the coming digital revolution empowering and rather than bewildering us as human beings.

University of Bath

Find out more: CAMERA – the Centre for the Analysis of Motion, Entertainment Research and Applications DE Hub

University of York

Find out more: Intelligent Games and Games Intelligence CDT (joint between the Universities of York and Essex and Goldsmiths, the University of London)

Digital Creativity DE Hub

Digital Catapult Fellow:

Sam DevlinSam Devlin
At the Digital Creativity Hub we are exploring the convergent space between digital games and interactive media. My personal focus being on using games to push boundaries in the capabilities of modern AI and making state of the art methods accessible to the industry to encourage a new generation of intelligent games. Including the rich possibility of using gameplay data to infer knowledge of social and/or scientific importance.