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Personal data can be used to create huge benefits for the individual, society and the economy. Today, many people are reluctant to share their personal data, often for good reasons. Even when they do want to share their data, it is hard to liberate it from one organisation and pass it to another.

Today’s processes for sharing personal data have to overcome so much friction around areas such as, technical, legal and commercial, that much of the potential benefit remains unrealised.

The potential cost of this lack of trust and friction is vast, both for the individual and for the organisations that serve them. Customers want more relevant and timely services.

Organisations want to avoid wasted effort by understanding their customers and being responsive to their needs. The flow of information is the nervous system of every organisation and in turn of the whole economy. Estimates put the potential value at stake in the UK at around £40bn in 2020.

Building trust and removing the friction has to, by necessity, be a communal activity. The organisations between which the data is passed need to agree to common standards, if the individual is to have any confidence in the end-to-end flow.

The individual, the public sector and the private sector all need to work together. The individual has neither the time nor inclination to understand separate, institution-based systems. Unlocking the value of personal data, in a user-centric way, on an impactful scale, requires a cross-sector solution.

Trust Framework 

The Digital Catapult is working on the ‘Trust Framework’ to create a consumer-centric set of guidelines. This seeks to write “the rules of the digital road” to empower the individual, if they so choose, to share their data. Use of the framework will be voluntary, but we believe that the benefits will make the case for adoption compelling.

Consequently we wish to engage consumer representatives, the private sector and the public sector, in equal measure in the process. We would like to invite interested parties to register their interest in the initiative by using the form below. We will keep you updated on the progress of the framework and how you can get involved.

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