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We’re looking to show the ‘best of the best’ in digital innovations: we are putting out a call for UK award winning organisations. Deadline: 8 April 2016

Archived Open Call

Digital-Catapult-Centre-Badge-ShowcaseFor our next Showcase at the Digital Catapult Centre we’re looking to show the ‘best of the best’ in digital innovations: we are putting out a call for UK award winning organisations to join our ‘Best On Show’ showcase at the Digital Catapult Centre in London.

Whether you’ve won an industry award, competition or media award we’re looking to showcase the great innovations, technologies and solutions that UK startups and SMEs are creating and winning awards for. If your product, app, installation or new business is award winning we want to hear from you.

There is a huge opportunity for the UK to become a leader across our four focus areas and in our latest Showcase we’re looking to prove how the UK is leading and the achievements being made.

Organisations should have won an award and work within one of our focus areas:

  • Sharing closed data between organisations
  • Sharing creative and licensed content more simply
  • Sharing personal data in a way that’s trusted and secure
  • Sharing data generated across the Internet of Things.

Selected companies will have the opportunity to showcase alongside our Scaleup Boost winners and should be able to showcase in our London Centre from May – July 2016.

What does the showcase opportunity offer?

This Open Call will close on 8 April 2016, with applications reviewed shortly afterwards.

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How, if at all, does your innovation use data? (400 characters max)
Which stage are you at?
If you have a prototype to exhibit, what kind of resources do you need? *note you can select more than one item
How much space is required for your showcase?
Would you be able to maintain your exhibit yourself for 30-60 days if you are selected? Note this may mean stopping by to resolve any technical issues
What would you like to get out of showcasing at the Digital Catapult Centre? (400 characters max)
How did you hear about this open call?:
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