It is not a case of robots taking over, instead it's about increased collaborations making our lives more productive

The term “AI” is a single catch-all that describes a set of complex technologies that range from simple process automation to deep machine learning. The ability to automate, predict and deliver is at the very heart of digital innovation.

Digital Catapult opens up the power of intelligent technologies to a broad audience: facilitating access to large data sets for SMEs to train their algorithms; working with large businesses to continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in Artificial Intelligence (AI); and working with policymakers and academics to ensure the UK takes a lead in transparent and ethical AI applications.

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Firms are being challenged with an increasing burden of legal documentation to manage. ContractAI is a collaborative R&D project established to facilitate automated analysis of legal contracts.



Digital Catapult is developing a programme designed to help Machine Intelligence startups grow by providing access to computation power and expertise.

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The Royal Society

“Working with Digital Catapult allowed The Royal Society to engage creatively with AI and Machine Learning researchers across the UK, exploring how to make innovative use of rich data sets. This has helped us to demonstrate the depth of innovation capability in the UK SME community, as part of our Machine Learning policy project, as well as showing some of the potentially beneficial applications of machine learning and data analytics.” – The Royal Society

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