Making the UK the best place to produce immersive content and applications.

Digital Catapult provides unrivalled access to the latest virtual (VR), augmented (AR) and mixed reality technology through state of the art facilities such as Dimension Studio and our Immersive Labs in locations around the country. We help businesses of all sizes to develop, test and showcase immersive experiences for a range of industry applications. We also partner with thought leaders in academia and experts in industry to develop and grow the understanding of immersive and its huge potential.

Why Digital Catapult is focused on immersive technologies

Recent technological advances, coupled with significant global investment has increased the appetite for VR and AR solutions amongst businesses and consumers. As a result, companies of all sizes and a range of sectors are moving into this exciting area.

The UK already has a strong creative sector and invests heavily in hardware. In fact, our immersive sector has attracted the second highest share of global investment. Now the challenge is to build upon the UK’s wealth of knowledge and skill, to bring together this growing ecosystem. This will drive game-changing innovations that will make the UK the best place in the world to create immersive content and applications.

How we support the development and adoption of immersive

Our state of the art facilities, including Dimension and the Immersive Labs provide much needed access to the latest immersive technologies which enable innovators to experiment, test and create immersive content.

We run innovation programmes including Augmentor and CreativeXR that bring together small agile businesses, corporations, researchers and investors to foster innovation, speed up the adoption of immersive and support the development of a strong immersive ecosystem in the UK.

Last but not least, we are building a network of immersive clusters across the UK, with co-working spaces and innovation programmes being delivered in London, Northern Ireland, North East and Tees Valley and the South Coast, all underpinned by leading edge facilities and assets.

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Immersive Labs

Digital Catapult’s Immersive Labs are available for hire by SMEs, corporates, academia and researchers to innovate, test and get hands on with immersive technology, as well as demo their technology to clients, investors and partners.


Augmentor is focused on early stage businesses developing innovative and commercially-focused applications of augmented, mixed and virtual reality.


CreativeXR gives creative talent the opportunity to experiment with immersive technologies to create new experiences that inspire audiences



“Digital Catapult enables us to test and demo our products live and make immediate impact on our customers. It is the way immersive content should be experienced.” – Adam Arrigo, CEO, TheWaveVR

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