Immersive Showcase

Haptics and Human-Machine Interface Showcase

Shining a spotlight on the new technologies that are bringing humans and machines closer together.

Haptic technologies and new human-machine interfaces are making their way into our day-to-day lives, from error feedback on airplane joysticks, to vibrations on your smartphone, through to temperature variation and even smell pods. The market for this technology continues to grow at pace and by 2027 it is estimated that it will be worth $2.8bn.[1]

Haptic technologies deliver tactile feedback on touch, enabling a user to feel clicks, vibrations and many other sensations. Paired with developments in human-machine interface this makes the users’ experience more realistic; bringing us closer to fully immersive computing.

Digital Catapult is delighted to welcome three exciting companies to showcase with us in the Immersive Lab London.

[1]Haptics 2017-2027: Technologies, Markets and Players

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Allowing you to shape the world around you with your hands by detecting motion, gesture and pressure to feel your intentions. With this showcase you can try Kurv as a virtual guitar, whether a novice or professional you’ll be able to pick up the Kurv and play in minutes.



Bringing the sense of touch to mid-air without the need for gloves, wearables or hand-held devices, the showcase unveils the ultrasound technology that makes all of that possible.



The world’s first seated input that provides directional control in VR. In this showcase you’ll discover how simply by tilting the chair, you can move in the direction you want.


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