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Understanding UK Copyright Law: An Interactive Workshop for Photographers and Illustrators

December 3, 2014 @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Copyright gives creators the right to control the use of their work and the ability to earn from it. In order to have their efforts rewarded, creators and media producers need to know how to protect their work, how to license and exploit it, and how to legally re-use the work of others. Only by understanding and using their rights creators, both professionals and amateurs, will be able to produce exploitable materials and to control the use of their work. In other words, they need to understand the mechanisms of copyright and have the tools to find their way through these complex mechanisms.

The digital environment presents new opportunities as well as challenges for anyone who produces images and makes them available online. If on the one hand it allows photographers and illustrators to enable their work to be easily re-used across digital platforms and develop new business models, on the other hand it can lead to the unauthorised use of their digital images through the removal of metadata.

In this context, two things become increasingly crucial for photographers and illustrators:

  • to know the rules governing the production, exploitation and consumption of creative works in the digital world, meaning to possess accurate and accessible information about copyright law
  • to have the tools to ensure that anyone who wants to use their images can identify them and get their permission

This interactive workshop will be about both.

During the workshop multimedia materials will be used to generate points of discussion and provide practical guidance on some fundamental copyright questions, such as:

  • What does copyright protect?
  • Where is the line between simply being inspired by someone else’s image and copying it?
  • How can images be legally re-used under UK copyright law?

This part of the workshop will also be an opportunity for us to better understand what photographers and illustrators specifically need to know about copyright, with the goal of producing more specific guidance to be made available on CopyrightUser.org.

The workshop will include a demonstration of the alpha version of the Copyright Hub technology, an innovative tool that will allow photographers, illustrators and other creators to attach metadata and identifiers to their work in order to effectively control and license its use. Once the Copyright Hub technology is established, anyone wanting to reuse images or other types of digital content will be able to do it easily and legitimately.

A brilliant line-up of speakers have been confirmed for this event, including:

Prof. Ronan Deazley – Professor of Copyright Law, University of Glasgow. Editor, Copyright User Portal

Bartolomeo Meletti – Lead Producer, Copyright User Portal

Dr. Dinusha Mendis – Co-Director of CIPPM, Bournemouth University. Lead Academic, Copyright User Portal

Dominic Young – CEO, The Copyright Hub

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