Environmental Data Exchange Hack Weekend – Part 2

EDXhack Cactus*Have you read Part 1 of Peter’s blog post? Read all about it here.

Sunday started promptly at 09:30 with the teams receiving their spikey surprise – a little cactus as a memento of the event. At the Digital Catapult Centre we always like to go the extra mile and raise the bar!

Coding continued throughout the day and it was amazing to see ideas from the day before forming into tangible and operational solutions.

The application called “Place Digger” used air quality data to help homebuyers understand the natural environment of a potential new home. This is certainly something that would add functionality and a new dimension to sites such as Zoopla.

EDX hackers

The Environmental Data Exchange datasets were easily accessible

The Culture Lab team from Newcastle University built an educational location and real time game. It used DEFRA Air Quality & Noise Pollution data to create awareness about these normally invisible pollutants.

Team Eggmen built a Twilio-enabled league table, celebrating the best companies & shaming the worst. Company management were made aware of the improvement or decline of their eco-credentials via calls and texts.

All teams built truly amazing apps and the Digital Catapult team were in awe of the creativity, commitment and development speed at which the concepts evolved.

The judges arrived at about 15:00, allowing them time to talk to all of the teams in some depth before seeing the five minute pitches. The judges came from a range of backgrounds to provide a broad view and balanced overall opinion of the best ideas. The judges included individuals from IBM, Red Ninja, MassChallenge, the Environment Agency and the Digital Catapult.

EDXhack teams pitching

Teams were allowed five minutes to pitch their ideas

The prizes up for grabs included: Raspberry Pis, Broadcom sensors, IBM mentorship, Twilio Minutes, Bluemix Access, Chromecasts and Digital Catapult demonstration space and access to our contributor programme.

It was a very close call and the judges awarded prizes based upon the team who would best benefit from them. The final results were…

Smog Dodgers   Polly                             Contributor Programme

Insight DX                                                IBM Innovation Centre

Place Diggers                                   Showcasing – London

Culture Lab                                                 Showcasing – Sunderland

Bees Knees                                               Raspberry Pi & Broadcom WICED Sensors

Eco League                                               Chrome Cast

During the wash-up session with the Digital Catapult platforms and event staff, it was mentioned time and time again what an amazing, dynamic, friendly and passionate group had attended and we felt truly honoured to have hosted this event.

We would like to thank everyone who attended for making the hack weekend such a success.

Peter Karney is Head of Platform Usability and Support at the Digital Catapult. Follow him @pjcoolk and us @DigiCatapult.

Want to know more about the Environmental Data Exchange? Visit the website!

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