Digital Catapult Centre Yorkshire Q&A: Yunus Mayat

Yunus Mayat

Yunus Mayat, Enterprise Architect and Information Manager at City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council

Digital Catapult Centre Yorkshire spoke to Yunus Mayat, Enterprise Architect and Information Manager at City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council to find out more about his work. 

What is your current role?

Enterprise Architect and Information Manager at Bradford Metropolitan District Council.

What do you do on a day to day basis?

I manage and lead the Enterprise Architecture and Information Services; delivering solution designs, managing IT security, governing network and voice services, as well as providing database and information management to the council departments.

How are you using data and information within the City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council?

The data and information team is new to the organisation; however, it has had a really big impact to the user departments in understanding the value of data that can help provide insight and strategic direction.

The team is currently working on a Data Hub. This will be central to data being published to the Data Mill North, for data to be pushed internally to the council and for further analysis for Business Intelligence officers.

We are reviewing a number of data analysis tools that the council will use going forward, to ensure a consistent approach for data analytics and for IT to provide the best service to the end users going forward.  It will make it easier to manipulate data from one data source repository.

We are also working with SMEs including Data Flock on a number of analytic projects, bringing external experts to help exploit the data we have and to help services become more efficient and cost effective.

You recently took part in the Digital Catapult Pit Stop. How did that go?

It went really well – we managed to find a number of SMEs, such as Future Care UK and The Rain Gods to help with the challenges our council is facing. Hopefully they would be able to help with these and have some fun on the way to help them grow.

How did you initially get involved with Digital Catapult Centre Yorkshire?

I got involved with my links to the University of Bradford and the council having a partnership with the Digital Health Enterprise Zone. These are really interesting times for the district – I’m really pleased to be involved in spurring such innovation and taking leaps into the unknown with talented businesses and SMEs.

What’s the best part of working with Digital Catapult?

The best part must be working with different businesses and SMEs, who are all trying to solve real life issues. It’s great to be part of their journey and seeing continued investment in Bradford.

What have you got on the horizon?

There are a lot of things I am currently looking at; from data analytics and blockchain – to be used by all and not restricted to the fortunate few. We are also working with Digital Catapult on a unique proposal to involve SMEs’ bespoke challenges, so watch this space for news.

It’s great to be part of Bradford’s progression to being one of the first LoRa connected cities in the UK, and one of the first to be part of the global Things Network regarding 5G technology. It’s a really exciting time in Bradford – I’m pleased to be in the middle of it all and being instrumental in making it happen.

Yunus Mayat is Enterprise Architect and Information Manager at City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council. For more news, you can follow Digital Catapult Centre Yorkshire @DigiCatYorks. Don’t forget to follow us too @DigiCatapult

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