Data Movement App Competition


Naomi Morrow, Project Manager at Digital Catapult Centre North East & Tees Valley, shares details about their Data Movement App competition and why you should get involved.

The Digital Catapult Centre NETV has launched another project, taking a slightly different approach to how things have been done so far. ‘Data Movement’ is an open innovation competition enabling anyone with a passion for technology to design apps for the general public, using data published by the North East Combined Authority’s (NECA) Open Data service.

So why is this so different?

The competition allows individuals, groups or companies with an idea for an app to submit their suggestions, regardless of their previous experience in designing and building mobile apps. Each idea must use at least one of travel, transport and weather datasets published by the NECA’s Tyne and Wear Urban Traffic Management Control (UTMC) service. This is a fantastic way to promote the exploration and understanding of the many possible uses of open data, and it’s Digital Catapult NETV’s way of truly opening the doors for everybody to engage with data and create genuinely innovative solutions.


Take part in the Data Movement App competition and you could receive £5,000

Ideas for the apps must use one or more traffic, car park, CCTV, weather or signal datasets, which are collected and published by UTMC.

Furthermore, it will be the general public who will vote for their favourite app idea, with the top three ideas receiving £5,000 to develop their ideas into fully working applications.

The most interesting results in my opinion will be those who think outside of the box and are able to design an app not related to travel at all, but one that utilises travel data. It could be really interesting and valuable if a company used the data provided by UTMC, alongside closed data they have within their own organisation to power an app. This would give them a huge advantage over others, allowing them a greater chance at success.

Get your hands on open datasets and solve real world problems

Get your hands on open datasets and solve real world problems

Why should you get involved?

Submitting an idea can be extremely quick and the results may surprise you. If you have no development expertise, do not worry; we can connect you with experienced developers who can help turn your idea into a fully functioning product! Best of all, the app which receives the most downloads by April will receive an extra £2,000 prize!

If you are a small app development company or an individual with development skills, this is an easy way to earn some fast cash and possibly turn the app into a commercial product. Digital Catapult NETV will be with you the whole way, providing technical advice, business support and lots of great PR opportunities to help get your ideas off the ground.

So hurry – get your thinking caps on because applications close 31 December!

Submissions can be made via a simple form on the Data Movement website at

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