Cyber 101

Helping cyber businesses to hone their products and improve their business success

2017 has seen an evolution and explosion of online threats unleashed by cybercriminals. This has left cybersecurity teams across all industries scrambling to find effective ways to defend their assets.

The stage is set and through the Cyber 101 Programme, Digital Catapult is looking to help SMEs take advantage of the increased demand for their advanced and purpose built cyber security solutions. More than that, Digital Catapult is looking to support SMEs to hone their go to market strategy and overall business effectiveness so that when those opportunities do arise, they are best equipped to seize on them.

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Attend a Bootcamp

It’s time for basic training. By attending an intensive one-day Bootcamp, SMEs can receive tutoring and tailored expert advice on how to develop and scale up their cyber business. The training is designed to help support cyber security enterprises to hone their go to market approach and business skills in an open innovation environment powered by peer-to-peer learning and expert guidance.

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Be part of a Deep Dive

Once the basics have been sorted in the Cyber101 Bootcamps, SMEs can then work with experts in Deep Dive sessions to highlight and examine key business challenges in more granular detail. Through a combination of workshops, roundtable discussions with industry experts and peer-to-peer learning, SMEs will receive expert advice on how to find solutions and then effectively turn those solutions into clear-cut business opportunities.

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Demo Days

Selected SMEs participating in the Cyber 101 Programme will be shortlisted for an annual Demo Day, which will provide the opportunity for them to pitch their Cyber Security solutions to potential customers, partners and investors. Please note this event is specifically for corporates or investors who are interested in cyber security.


What attendees said:

“We needed to speak to people who already had experience in a Cyber startup and that’s where Cyber 101 helped. The mentors helped put our business on the right path and build a better understanding around business processes, that as an early stage startup we didn’t have. Digital Catapult and Cyber 101 exposed us to the right people, companies and experts to help take the company to the next level.”
Paul Chapman, CEO, Cybershield

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“Being part of the Digital Catapult Demo Day definitely opened doors for us. We received frank and direct feedback on our value proposition, were introduced to funding institutions and hired more staff to field increasing business opportunities.”
James Hadley, Founder/CEO, Immersive Labs

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“Having previously competed successfully in several Awards, Competitions and Demo Days in the UK, USA, Middle East and Asia, all of us at the company agree that the Cyber 101 Demo Day was well curated and that the type of support we received during and after the programme was top of the league.”
Kiran Bhagotra, CEO/Founder, Protectbox

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“Cyber 101 came at exactly the right time for our company. It helped us test and refine our business idea and take it to the next stage. In particular, we did our first pitch and gained a range of contacts that ranged from supporters for our business, through to potential customers.”
Tim Ward, Director, Think Cyber Security

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Cyber 101

Cyber 101 is a national programme running from January 2017 – March 2021 and forms part of DCMS funded activity intended to grow the UK’s cyber security industry and the capability of cyber security SMEs. This programme is linked to the Develop strand of UK Government’s National Cyber Security Strategy, a series of activities that will be supported by £1.9bn public investment over the next five years.

Cyber 101 is delivered in partnership with Digital Catapult, The Accelerator Network, CSIT and Inogesis.