Thought Leadership

Personal Data Receipts: How transparency increases consumer trust

Digital Catapult has produced a paper outlining the benefits to organisations in developing a standardised Personal Data Receipt process that clearly demonstrates to customers just how their personal data will be used. As a top line overview, the paper defines best practices and provides guidance for the creation of PDRs with an objective to initiate an open conversation with companies and organisations that are interested in adopting them via a process of implementation, testing and refinement.

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Machines for Machine Intelligence – Report

Digital Catapult’s study Machines for Machine Intelligence published at the launch of Machine Intelligence Garage, surveyed approximately 10% of the UK's AI and machine learning startups, and found that over half are constrained in their growth by access to computation power. A single training run for a ML system can cost upwards of £10,000.

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The Future of Manufacturing in the Digital Age

DigiCatYorks, led by University of Huddersfield undertook a project to better understand digital manufacturing readiness, capability and capacity across the Yorkshire region. The aim of the project was to gain insight into the current state of digital manufacturing in the region and the appetite and barriers to digitalisation.

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