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Virtual reality

Virtual reality beyond gaming

Virtual reality is starting to dominate the gaming industry. But what other industries can take advantage from this emerging technology? Deloitte Global predicts that 2016 could see the VR market making over $1bn for the first time, with 2.5 million headsets and 10 million video games expected to be sold. Digital Catapult is particularly excited […]

Dritan Kaleshi

5G: more than the next step in mobile connectivity

Dritan Kaleshi, 5G Fellow at Digital Catapult, reveals why 5G technology has the potential to disrupt and innovate within the telecommunications industry.  “So what will be different in 5G?” is an almost unavoidable question I get every time I am introduced as the 5G Fellow at Digital Catapult. Often I am left thinking of the intrinsic […]

Alex Gluhak

Seven challenges for scaling IoT enabled smart cities

Alex Gluhak, Lead Technologist for the Internet of Things, writes about the seven key challenges for making IoT scalable in cities. The Internet of Things (IoT) is high up the list of technologies to disrupt our city lives. It has played a significant role in smart city testbeds and pilots that have surfaced across the […]

Darren Murphy and Peter Karney

The big debate: Artificial Intelligence

We recently held a heated debate at Digital Catapult; would Artificial Intelligence increase the number of jobs? In this blog post, Peter Karney, Head of Product Innovation and Darren Murphy, Digital Communities Manager, go head to head* to explore the big questions surrounding AI. Will Artificial Intelligence create more jobs? Peter: AI can certainly reduce […]

The DAO exploit

Sam Davies, Lead Technologist for Creative Programmes at Digital Catapult, blogs about how large quantities of ether, the cryptocurrencies used in the ethereum Blockchain, were taken from the organisation, the DAO. Last week huge quantities of ether began being transferred to a single ethereum address. Ether (ETH) is the cryptocurrency used in the ethereum blockchain, […]

Barriers: scaling UK machine learning companies

Marko Balabanovic, Chief Technology Officer at Digital Catapult, writes about the barriers facing machine learning companies, particularly when they are looking to scale.  Machine learning techniques, within the field of Artificial Intelligence, are becoming increasingly effective and important for data innovators. The major challenges facing fast-growing organisations have been well documented in the Scale-Up Report, and include recruiting skilled employees, building leadership […]