VR – Mass or Niche Market?

The Interface is a Key to Successful Deployment of VR When you use a computer these days mostly it is quite straightforward, at least for familiar everyday programs. When you try a new application again it is pretty familiar. If you have to consult a manual it is either because you’re trying something very unusual, […]

Use Virtual Reality for a Change

In this blog, I will write about using VR for a change in two different ways: Use Virtual Reality for a change. Use Virtual Reality, for a change. Virtual Reality is going to change how we view films, how we explore our environment and how we train medical practitioners, all of which is destined to […]

The unintended consequences of Consumer AI

Stimulating discussion among implementers and regulators of AI-based consumer products. The integration of AI into consumer products is already impacting society. Some academics, businesses, and governments are calling for regulatory intervention, but where do we start? It is no secret that the tight integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into consumer products is already impacting our […]

Data driven innovation VS privacy: time to create new opportunities

The data driven revolution is upon us Steam, electricity, connectivity. They all have something in common. They’ve been key enablers for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd industrial revolution respectively. After learning how to move goods around, manufacture things at pace, turn the lights on, and get instantaneous access to information from everywhere, we are now […]

Should Immersive Technology be more ‘Human Centric’ in order to drive mass adoption?

Immersive tech is slowing maturation, but needs great content to do so. In order to develop this content – content producers need to be human and not technology centric. Start with the human In its 2017 strategy, The Digital Catapult Centre prioritised immersive technology (augmented, virtual and mixed realities, and related new forms of human […]

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