Lee Painter

Could AI improve identity management and security?

Lee Painter, CEO at Hypersocket Software, considers how Artificial Intelligence (AI) could enhance Idenity and Access Management (IAM) and help protect IT networks from future security breaches. It feels like barely a week goes by without a new data breach dominating the headlines. According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, data breaches in the USA […]

Innovation lightbulb

What does innovation actually mean?

The term ‘innovation’ is a complex one; what does it mean for a business to be innovative, and what are the best approaches to innovation? Naomi Morrow, Project Manager at Digital Catapult Centre┬áNorth East & Tees Valley, shares her thoughts in this blog post. Innovation seems to have become one of the latest hypes, often […]

Virtual Reality and Empathy

With the development of immersive technologies, we are now able to experience things that previously could only be imagined in science fiction. Kim Arazi, innovation sparker and Women in Tech advocate, explains how virtual reality is giving people access to new experiences and insights that can help bring us together. Want to trek through the […]

Steven Wood

Supplying Value: Digital Transformation and the Supply Chain

How will manufacturing and supply chains be impacted by digital disruption? Steven Wood, Senior Commercial Manager at Digital Catapult, explains how Industry 4.0 is helping businesses benefit. It is estimated that around 80%(1) of everything we consume has, at some point, crossed an ocean; this could be as a finished product, a component or an […]

Michaela Muruianu

Disrupting the insurance industry with virtual assistants

How can the world of insurance benefit from artificial intelligence and virtual assistants? Michaela Muruianu, Innovation Co-ordinator at Digital Catapult, shares some of the key points from our recent Pit Stop with Swiss Re. As artificial intelligence becomes steadily integrated with our daily lives; from virtual assistants on our phones to recommended items on retail […]

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