Curiscope Ed Barton

Educating in Virtual and Augmented Reality

Digital Catapult Centre Brighton’s February VR meetup focused on exploring the role virtual and augmented reality can play in the teaching and training of students, at any age.  Brighton-based Curiscope, who are pioneering cutting-edge immersive technologies in education, were on hand to lead the proceedings.  Ed Barton, the firm’s CEO, was on hand after the […]

Dean Brown from Nissan UK speaking

Nissan’s UK commitment to transform the North East tech sector

Dean Brown, Information Systems Section Manager at Nissan Motor Manufacturing UK, reveals how Nissan has been working with Digital Catapult North East & Tees Valley to stimulate jobs and economical growth in North East England. To say Nissan and the city of Sunderland have been under a media spotlight for the last eight months is somewhat of […]

Immerse UK logo

Immerse UK: from Silicon Valley to the year ahead

Fiona Kilkelly, Head of Creative Industries at the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN), reveals what Immerse UK is all about and why the UK’s immersive tech businesses are getting excited!  What a roller coaster the last few weeks have been. Since the launch of Immerse UK (the new network for the UK immersive technology sector) just […]

How AI is detecting unconscious bias in recruitment

Vivek Doraiswamy, Co-Founder of MeVitae, explains how artificial intelligence can strip away prejudices and bias to ensure equality and diversity in recruitment. To succeed in a fast-paced, hyper-competitive global marketplace, companies must innovate, but a technology skills shortage is looming. As a result, 94% of the fastest growing tech firms state that finding, recruiting and […]

Phil Young

Artificial intelligence: a force for good

Phil Young, Senior Community and Research Manager at Digital Catapult, writes about the societal benefits of artificial intelligence and shares details about our upcoming AI events and activities.  Dystopian movies, TV and popular literature such as I, Robot, Transcendence and most recently Humans on Channel 4 have painted Artificial Intelligence in a relatively dim light, […]

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