Tales from the South: Immersive Insights from SXSW

I have just returned from my recent adventure to South by South West (SXSW) and it was somewhat of an information overload. The event is the annual mashup of creative, techy wizardry that results in over 80,000 people descending upon downtown Austin, Texas. And descend they did. The excitement was high, the queues long, and […]

The Business of Virtual Reality

You’ve had this amazing research idea that you suspect might be of enormous benefit to patients who suffer from hemigolania. You know that it will reduce treatment time, rapidly enhance their quality of life and save the health service enormous amounts of money, and many people a lot of misery. In fact, effects of your […]

Is it smart AI or dumb AI that should concern us?

Back in 1993, George Luger and William Stubblefield defined Artificial Intelligence (AI) as “the branch of Computer Science that is concerned with the automation of intelligent behaviour”. Nowadays, self-driving cars, automated medical diagnosis and surgery procedures, electronic trading and robot control are just a few examples of applications that make use of AI to improve […]

EIT Pit Stop - Personal Data

Testing of resilience to Cyber Attacks is no longer the domain of large corporates.

The increase in cyber-attacks has made organisations not only sit up and evaluate the damage they can do, but also take necessary steps to evaluate their network security and online defence. An alarming number of organisations fail to recover from cyber-attacks, making penetration testing vital for any business. Recognising the threat, City of Bradford Metropolitan […]

VR – Mass or Niche Market?

The Interface is a Key to Successful Deployment of VR When you use a computer these days mostly it is quite straightforward, at least for familiar everyday programs. When you try a new application again it is pretty familiar. If you have to consult a manual it is either because you’re trying something very unusual, […]

Use Virtual Reality for a Change

In this blog, I will write about using VR for a change in two different ways: Use Virtual Reality for a change. Use Virtual Reality, for a change. Virtual Reality is going to change how we view films, how we explore our environment and how we train medical practitioners, all of which is destined to […]

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