A Catapult is a technology and innovation centre where the best of the UK’s businesses, scientists and engineers can work side by side on research and development, transforming ideas into new products and services to generate economic growth.

Catapults add an important new dimension to complement existing research and development programmes established by Innovate UK.

All catapults use the power of people and organisations working closely together to unlock opportunity, reduce innovating risk and speed new products and services towards commercial reality.

Catapult centres will help businesses to adopt, develop and exploit innovative products and technologies. They offer concentrated expertise, access to cutting edge equipment and specialist facilities to develop and test ideas in reality.

Entrepreneur Hermann Hauser produced an influential report, The Current and Future Role of Technology & Innovation Centres in the UK, which identified best practice from around the world and made a robust case for long-term UK investment in a network of technology and innovation centres which would ‘deliver a step change in the UK’s ability to commercialise its research’.

The catapults represent over £1bn of private and public sector investment over the next five years, transforming the UK’s innovation capability for the long-term.


You can find out more about how we and the rest of the catapults are funded here.