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Our Work Together

In 2015, PixelPin responded to an Open Call to work on the EIT-funded Trusted Cloud programme supported by Digital Catapult and BT.

PixelPin’s work with Digital Catapult marked a real turning point for the company. Working with Digital Catapult, the PixelPin team gained access to viable

PixelPin worked with Digital Catapult to develop their pitch for funding. This helped them define who they were and exactly what their offering was. As a security company they needed the right kind of sponsors and backers to demonstrate trust, reliability and provide confidence to investors. They secured £750,000 investment.

Digital Catapult gave PixelPin the necessary focus to develop and provided training on how to manage the company’s growth. PixelPin took this advice to develop their toolset and expanded their development team from two to six.

“Digital Catapult has the strategic vision and focus to help kick start companies with digital innovation. Without their backing, we would no longer exist as a business today. Instead we’re on the verge of securing some very large contracts in the Far East and are working with some influential reseller partners across the world. I would say to any company in this field, go and get help from Digital Catapult.”

Geoff Anderson

CEO, PixelPin

They spent 2015 redeveloping the product and relaunched in 2016. If 2015 was about refining the product and growing the development team, 2016 was about forming reseller partnerships.

Working with Digital Catapult has proved critical for Pixelpin in providing confidence to future partners and customers. It has been a great collaboration

Other benefits of working with Digital Catapult include networking with like-minded tech start-ups and the constant informal business advice and one-to-one consultations from the Digital Catapult team.

As a direct result of working with Digital Catapult, the company has not only survived but has developed into a revenue-generating organisation within two years. The pipeline figures project six-figure revenues within 12 months. Geoff anticipates the team to expand by another five or
six developers in the short-term.