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Our Work Together

IN2 first began to collaborate with Digital Catapult when they were invited to present at a Future Internet Event.

IN2 worked on the EIT Trust Cloud Initiative (TC HII) with the operations team at Digital Catapult. As part of this initiative, Digital Catapult supported the business by improving IN2’s knowledge and networking capabilities.

IN2 attended a number of Digital Catapult workshops and training sessions, including one on how to bid for local government contracts.

IN2 also attended Digital Catapult’s EIT Digital Pit Stop focusing on the theme of Local Government Digital Challenges, Creating Data Services for Citizens and Communities. The workshops provided valuable insight into government procurement and how SMEs like IN2 could recognise business opportunities.

“Working with IN2 on the EMMA platform has been a hugely rewarding experience as we are able to better serve the needs of our UNSEEN Festival audience through data-enabled services and to grow our market.”

D Crombie

Research Director, Vandejong


Digital Catapult facilitated a partnership with Trilateral Research, a company that focuses on the ways in which new technologies may have privacy, social, ethical or data protection impacts. Using the skills gained from the training session, IN2 developed a bidding partnership with Trilateral Research and tendered for a large UK contract.

Facilitated activity
and contracts

Digital Catapult provided new sources of investment and contacts. IN2 put together a bid which was selected for funding by the European Commission for €1M. It was a one-off opportunity and without Digital Catapult’s involvement, IN2 would not have secured the funding. The project, EMMA (emma.in-two.com), aims to foster an enhancement in media management, branding, marketing and communication of small and medium-sized companies in the areas of tourism, events and publishing.

As a result of this additional funding, they can accelerate development that would previously have been a lower priority.

The results

in2 case study

As a result of attending the EIT Digital Pit Stop in London,IN2 gained over 40 new contacts, including new client leads and potential partners. These new partners include F-Secure who IN2 secured a knowledge transfer and pilot license agreement with, for the use of the F-Secure Security Cloud API in IN2’s MyMeedia SaaS product which is offering a versatile solution for the creation of social-powered multimedia hubs (mymeedia.com). This sped-up the development of MyMeedia with delivery in an estimated six months. Without the funding IN2 would not have the necessary resources to carry out the developments for making MyMeedia a trusted and secure service.


“Digital Catapult has a diverse set of skills and expertise that can help SMEs in many ways. From specialist business skills and in depth knowledge to event organisations, training and funding know-how, all of which is very relevant. Not only that, they are a very resourceful and friendly group of people to work with.”
Alex Stan, Innovation Manager, IN2


The Digital Catapult Centre provided:

  • Workshops and training
  • Insights
  • Introductions and building partnerships


MyMeedia is a versatile platform to create social- powered multimedia hubs and help companies to better connect and engage with audiences through more compelling content and experiences.