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Our Work Together

The support mechanisms and services Digital Catapult provide for Golden Egg are wide reaching. They first worked together as part of an Environmental Data Exchange hack weekend. Since that initial interaction with the team they have integrated themselves fully with the projects and all of the support tools available from Digital Catapult, engaging at every level. This has enabled Golden Egg to accelerate their business and products and helped them to maximize their potential. Because of Digital Catapult’s input, Golden Egg were extremely fast to market.

Golden Egg’s working partnership with Digital Catapult includes being involved with:

  • Digital Catapult Barclays
  • National Business Challenge
  • IoTUK Pit Stop enhancing retailinnovation
  • Nissan Social Media Data Challenge
  • Working with local centres
  • Key business introductions
  • Spin-out pitch-off event
  • Networking and coffee mornings

Competitive edge

Golden Egg firmly believes that working with Digital Catapult gives the company an edge over its competitors. Visiting clients pick up that the office space is a hub of innovation and entrepreneurs. Being around like-minded people in a relaxed and professional environment provides them with a platform for success. Interacting with Digital Catapult’s team gives Golden Egg fresh insights, experience to draw upon and ambitious thinking. It feels like a game changer.

"Our partnership with Digital Catapult has accelerated Golden Egg’s knowledge of emerging technology and disruptive innovations and broadened our network of world leading experts. As a result, we are attracting the interest of some of the UK’s largest and most exciting organisations."

Steve Boulton

CEO, Golden Egg Innovation

Meeting the right people

It was at Digital Catapult where Golden Egg met with a contact whose subsequent introduction led them to create a marketing campaign for Adidas, working with the award winning agency Fast Track. Golden Egg has also used Digital Catapult’s local centres, North East & Tees Valley and also Brighton, to meet prospects and build the company’s name outside of London.

Golden Egg’s CEO, Steve Boulton, says “Digital Catapult has helped us define our services, our pitch and our client target market. They have put us in front of the right people in a safe environment to discuss opportunities.”

Beating the competition

Barclays Bank became a client as a result of an invite from the Digital Catapult Centre North East & Tees Valley to enter their Barclays National Business Challenge, which took place in three locations across the UK; Manchester, London and Sunderland.

Over 80 participants took part in the competition which Golden Egg ended up winning. This led to Barclays commissioning a proof of concept and Golden Egg continue to develop the solution with the Barclays team. As a by-product, Golden Egg has taken their first product to market. Feedeeback, is a powerful tool that helps companies optimise their performance by harnessing internal feedback through real-time employee engagement. Feedeeback transforms corporate data across a number of verticals, to date it has been developed for the banking, construction and retail industries. Other sectors will follow soon.

The future

Golden Egg’s future looks very promising with their digital strategy for Channel 4’s Rio 2016 Paralympic Games coming to fruition and a gr
owing client list that includes HSBC, Glasgow City Council, Adidas, Barclays Bank, BT and Hewlett Packard.

Digital Catapult has played a critical role in Golden Egg Innovation’s development and the pair continue to work closely together in order to build upon this great success story.



*Images represent the Adidas ‘Better Player’ campaign, Channel 4 Rio 2016 Paralympics Digital Strategy and HSBC Wimbledon Tennis activation