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Our Work Together

Enable iD began working with Digital Catapult during its founding year after attending the Second Mad Hatters Tea Party at the Digital Catapult Centre. Gaining access to peers’ advice Enable iD were able to test and research and refine their cloud-based offering.square-myjrny-landscape_newslandscape

Working with Digital Catapult, they have taken a more strategic approach and as a consequence seen an accelerated route to market. Enable iD has doubled their turnover in half the time they had forecast.

They have secured three significant contracts and a host of strategic partnerships as a result of Digital Catapult’s introductions.

Digital Catapult signposted Enable iD to the best advice for IP, so that they retained the intellectual property for their solutions. This led to the development of their intelligent mobility-as-a-service product, MyJrny.

Digital Catapult were active in informing Enable iD’s proposition and interoperability around personal data and data management compliance.

Enable iD has achieved accreditation of its software and data architecture in line with EU and global regulations as a direct result of working with Digital Catapult.

“Digital Catapult has been a great sounding board with one to one expert advice helping us to realise new business development opportunities and make our platform commercially ready. We have been able to position Enable iD at the centre of the debate around the management and exploitation of personal data.”

Chris Thompson

Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Enable iD


1: Enable iD are collaborating with Transport for London, Transport for West Midlands, train operators and automotive manufacturers to help them improve real-time information and multi-modal integration.

square-chiltern2: Birmingham City Council and Enable iD have been working to create a ‘Big Data Corridor’ across the West Midlands, assisting SMEs with access to data and technology that can help grow their businesses.

3: Enable iD has been working in partnership with one of the world’s most respected design, engineering and project management consultancies, Atkins Global, to inform public and private sector partnerships in respect to emerging smart city initiatives.


Digital Catapult helped Enable iD launch MyJrny. The cloud-based service enables real-time transport network optimisation by matching people’s travel needs with the most appropriate available service.

The MyJrny platform combines secure and ethical management of personal data with real-time location, air-quality ansquare-toc15d transport data. It addresses the need for public and private sector organisations to meet transit demands in the context of growing populations, whilst reducing Co2 emissions and improving quality of service. MyJrny has been designed specifically for:

  • Regional Authorities and Transport Operators, using MyJrny to pro-actively manage disruption and reduce over-crowding;
  • Consumer Brands, using the platform to guide people to venues, outlets or events whilst generating additional revenue from MyJrny transport operator partners;
  • Large Enterprises, using MyJrny to improve cost control by integrating the platform with scheduling applications to deliver tailored travel alerts to employees.


Personal data management underpins the Enable iD proposition explains Chief Strategy Officer, Chris Thompson.

“Taking corporate social responsibility for customers and workforces by helping them to develop a healthy digital identity is becoming a key driver of efficient service delivery, competitive advantage and profitability. As our lives become more interconnected, addressing the issues surrounding digital identity often requires cultural shift and the careful management of transformational organisation design. Progressive enterprise mobility, personal device access and social media policies have become business critical, with many companies finding themselves bound by third party terms and conditions in these areas.”

Based on this insight Enable iD worked with Digital Catapult to form the PD&TN Digital Identity group. The group was set up in order to help organisations actively put respect for individual preferences with regard to the exploitation of personal data at the top of their corporate agenda. Member organisations help to define terms and conditions that enable rather than disable their business models, whilst protecting their customers’ data.

Whatever the size and shape of an organisation or its respective operating markets, the PD&TN Digital ID group aims to open up new opportunities for it to work with government, service providers, market stakeholders and customers to implement the practical steps needed to ensure responsible personal data management and privacy control.

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