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Our Work Together

Digi.me first came across Digital Catapult when they held a personal data networking event to bring all the different players in the personal data ecosystem together.

Digi.me joined the Personal Data and Trust Network – a network that builds and nurtures a community to support thsquared-dc-image-3-copy-adje UK in becoming the global leader in trust and responsible innovation with personal data.

More recently digi.me attended the Visa Pit Stop, this Pit Stop focused on the emerging ecosystem of Alternative Finance (Alt-Fi) and challenger banks, aiming to identify new impactful technologies, data value chains and explored how the industry can continue to grow in the future.

The interactions between digi.me and Digital Catapult have helped significantly, leading to digi.me’s recent £4.2m Series A investment round. Digi.me was introduced to people who moved within their marketplace, thought leadership discussions, and the IoT Showcase which allowed digi.me to refine their messaging and optimise their implementation to market. A combination of all these activities helped clarify their Internet of Me vision, which puts users at the centre of and in control of, their own connected world.

“By bringing digi.me together with potential customers Digital Catapult has accelerated our product growth and our path to implementation. The ability to hold meetings in a central location in London, tailored for the tech community, has helped us make the relationships key to our business progression.”

Julian Ranger

Chairman and Founder, Digi.me


A major part of any new business is being able to explain the value proposition clearly and precisely – Digital Catapult’s input helped digi.me refine their messaging and offer. This clear proposition is working very well to secure customers here in the UK and abroad and partnerships. For example digi.me have secured partnerships with Toshiba, Lenovo and Evernote.

Operational outcomes

With the help of Digital Catapult, digi.me has increased their market penetration, and – as a result of closing their Series A Investment – they now have the ability to increase the pace of development.

When asked to describe Digital Catapult, Julian Ranger, Chairman and Founder of digi.me said “An excellent connector in the tech environment, driving thought leadership and business connections across the community.”

Where would you be without Digital Catapult’s input? ”We would still be making good progress, but it is far from clear that we would have had the messaging and clarity of the marketplace to have closed our Series A investment by this time.”

The future

Digi.me are partners with leading brands including Toshiba and Lenovo and are working with world-leading businesses in the health, insurance, Fast Mosquare-18705404199_54e3fefc93_oving Consumer Goods, financial and telecommunications sectors. They are also setting up a ‘living lab’ involving all the citizens of a European country later this year.

Digi.me’s future looks exciting, their collaboration with insurance giant Swiss Re will accelerate the development and launch of their unique permissioned access platform and ultimately mean that users are able to see and do more with their full health data.

Daniel Ryan, Head of Digital Analytics Catalysts at Swiss Re, said: “People want to be in control of their data, and many have strong views over what they are willing to share and what they want to keep private.” After health, other personal data streams including full financials will be added, to give users a fully rounded view of their online and offline life