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  • £2.5m
    NHS savings created
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    mined over 1bn rows of data
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Our Work Together

cs-dataflock01Digital Catapult Centre Yorkshire was instrumental in the formation of Data Flock when Mark Barrett and his business partner decided to take the leap and launch their new business in August 2016. Digital Catapult provided support and reassurance during the early development phase when forming the business. They were instrumental in creating introductions and networking opportunities which subsequently led to four new contracts in two months.

The impact of Digital Catapult’s involvement was considerable, helping provide a testing platform to market test, assistance with setting up contracts and facilitating growth. Digital Catapult and Data Flock came together during a ‘hack’ event held by the Digital Health Enterprise Zone in Bradford.

“Digital Catapult have supported us from before we even started our company. Off the back of our winning entry to their Diabetes Data Dive, we have secured further health related data analysis and visualisation projects, enabling us to move from shared workspace to our own office with plans for expansion in the new year. Through Digital Catapult events we have been able to meet people outside our usual circle of contacts and develop projects with them. It’s all been a great experience for us as a start-up company.

Mark Barrett

Director, Data Flock


11 participants took part in the Diabetes Challenge which focused on preventative measures. Mark and his business partner mined over 1bn rows of data. Their findings led to the conclusion that early intervention and the introduction of exercise would save the NHS £2.5m and generate £1m in added income, through visits to local leisure centres in the Bradford region alone. Data Flock won the competition and part of the prize was free desk space in Digital Catapult Centre Yorkshire. This led to a collaborative working atmosphere and introductions to valuable contacts, including working with Bradford City Council on predictive data analysis to inform improvements within the city and a local NHS clinical group analysing the effects of asthma, repeat outpatients and reducing medical waste.

cs-dataflock02Data Flock handle and process huge amounts of data, correlating and identifying commonalities. The data is then presented in an easily digestable format, enabling their clients to make informed decisions that often have far reaching costs and benefits.

Data Flock is a young, exciting new company with huge potential for growth and Digital Catapult is very happy to be a part of that.