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Our Work Together

On 12 December 2014, Cupris were among 11 companies presenting their innovations at Digital Catapult’s Digital Health Pit Sgeneric-specula-iphone5-v3-adjtop event. Mike Pallett, CEO of Cupris, gave a demo of Cupris’ first device – the otoscope (for ear examination) and Cupris was awarded with the People’s Choice Award by Eileen Burbidge from Passion Capital. That was the the beginning of Cupris’ exciting journey with Digital Catapult!

Using the Digital Catapult Centre, Cupris were able to arrange pitches and meetings. This allowed them to further expose themselves to industry experts and secure funding from the pitches held at Digital Catapult.

Cupris uploaded recordings of their pitches, which helped increase their market presence, from high-profile media coverage including BBC News.

Cupris showcased with Digital Catapult and have since grown their business, increased their profile and gone on to win several
awards such as the HSJ Value in Healthcare Award.

“ This is exactly the sort of innovation that the NHS should be adopting”

Tony Young

NHS England Clinical Director of innovation

Operational outcomes

square-cuprissmartphoneotoscopeboyA lot of the media exposure Cupris have gained so far is thanks to their close connection with Digital Catapult. Following the success of the Digital Health Pit Stop, Cupris won international awards for its innovation, including the AXA PPP Health Tech & You Awards,
which included being exhibited at the Design Museum for two months. It has also been featured in various media, such as WIRED
Magazine and BBC London News.

Cupris has secured £775,000 of NHS funding to complete development of its platform, carry out clinical trials and launch in the NHS in 2016 and has successfully closed a £500,000 Crowdcube campaign.

18 months later from the beginning of their journey, Cupris is preparing for their first product launch.

Working with Digital Catapult has been fundamental to Cupris’ growth and funding. They have been able to test and pitch ideas, gain new insights and the confidence to progress with their prototype. They have also been able to advance the business, building a core network and connections. Cupris would recommend anyone who has the chance to work with DigitalCatapult to do so.

The future

Cupris’ next products will be the dermatoscope (for skin imaging) and the ophthalmoscope (for retina imaging). They will also implement a key part of their software and develop an artificial intelligence system to enable machine-learning based easy diagnosis. Stay connected!