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Our Work Together

Blue Maestro attended a Digital Catapult launch event that brought the SME community together. Since then (2014), Blue Maestro and Digital Catapult’s partnership has grown and diversified.square-25552842761_63625b2084_o

Blue Maestro have continued their relationship with Digital Catapult and were selected to be part of the Scaleup Boost programme in 2016.

Scaleup Boost Programme

The Scaleup Boost Programme is specifically designed to provide focused support to a limited number of companies with high growth potential.

Blue Maestro were chosen to be one of four companies from over 30 applicants to benefit from this intensive programme. Scaleup Boost is a four month programme which connects digital startups to experts, mentors and peers, providing tailored training and resources to open the doors to new investment and funding.

This support is highly focused on the individual needs and opportunities presented to the company. Weekly workshops and mentoring sessions are held, focusing on giving winners access to expertise, market exposure, address data sharing issues and connect them with potential clients and investors to accelerate and ensure their future success.

Blue Maestro has recently launched the world’s first Bluetooth Smart thermometer pacifer, and Tempo Disc™ range which can store up to 400,000 data points. Their products communicate with smartphones or the cloud with Tempo Anywhere™.

“The mentors we have worked with at Digital Catapult have not been like advisers and consultants who care only about the business venture – they have helped develop our business skills on a personal, bespoke level. This has been encouraging and empowering, enhancing our understanding of how to scale up our business. We have made long-lasting relationships, through which we will continue to collaborate for the foreseeable future. This has given us some consistency and the resources needed to maintain a successful business.”

Kirstin Hancock

Co-Founder, Blue Maestro

After engaging with the Scaleup Boost programme, Blue Maestro opened up new markets, gained new insights and launched three new products which received a huge amosquare-babywithpacifierinmouth_720unt of press coverage worldwide. Blue Maestro worked with advisers from UKTI and were identified as a company they chose to support and develop.

Blue Maestro were selected in the IoT showcase at Digital Catapult and a number of subsequent other showcases. The showcase focused on creating new partnerships, opportunities and new collaborations. This led to a sponsored trip to Korea to participate in government led IoT exhibitions and to pitch to investors. International enquiries and worldwide distribution have increased as a result of the process with Digital Catapult and secured Blue Maestro a new Australian contract.

Hands-on support

Digital Catapult provided hands-on mentoring, training and marketing support. The marketing consultants at Digital Catapult provided guidance to Blue Maestro, helping them focus their marketing and social media strategy to speak directly to their target audience. This advice proved to be invaluable.square-image001

Digital Catapult also played a role in strengthening up Blue Maestro’s manufacturing contract, helping to ensure deliverables were met and penalties in place for poor performance.

Digital Catapult’s management team provided advisory and mentoring support, keeping Blue Maestro up-to-date with what’s happening in the IT space. In the future, Digital Catapult will be helping Blue Maestro with further testing and focus groups.

All eyes are on Blue Maestro as this market-disrupting company grows and showcases British innovation across the globe.