Case Studies

Take a look at the latest companies that have worked with Digital Catapult.

Data Solver

Off the back of their involvement with a Digital Catapult Cyber 101 Demo Day, Data Solver was able to develop a clear and concise investment strategy that helped it convince customers of the efficacy of their solution and gain more exposure. The latter helped it secure funding to the tune of £1.3 million and also develop a cyber cluster in Milton Keynes.

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Data Solver
  • £1.3 m
    Is mid-way through a second funding round to secure £1.3 million in funding.
  • 4 Clients
    Gained more exposure and is in conversations with 4 potential clients.
  • Development
    Is actively involved in developing a cyber cluster in Milton Keynes.
  • Doubled Staff
    Doubled staff count and is actively recruiting.
  • New premises
    Recently moved into its first offices, to accommodate more staff count and service new customers.

Think Cyber Security

Through its involvement in the Cyber 101 programme, Think Cyber Security was able to receive one-to-one mentoring that allowed it to define and develop its value proposition, produce a solid go to market strategy, pitch its solution at a Cyber 101 Demo Day, secure new customers and win an Innovate UK grant.

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Think Cyber Security
  • Grant
    Won an Innovate UK grant
  • Value Proposition
    Clearly defined its value proposition and go to market strategy.
  • Pitch
    Pitched its RedFlags™ solution to high profile investors and customers.
  • Networking
    Secured networking opportunities with major companies, including Vodafone.


As a result of the TheWaveVR’s interaction with Digital Catapult’s immersive team, Immersive Labs and network of industry related companies, the organisation was able to gain access to a wider range of the UK’s independent music community.

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  • Platform Demo
    Demonstrated its platform to prominent labels and artists, including Ninja Tune, Sony Music, and Imogen Heap.
  • Access
    Broadened its access to the UK’s independent music creators.
  • Network
    Increased its network, allowing expansion into new markets.
  • Partners
    Allowed a broad range of creative industry partners to understand the potential for VR to transform their businesses.

Cambridge Bio-Augmentation Systems

CBAS was looking for support to help penetrate the industry with a focus on its core technologies – using machine learning and AI to enhance chronic patient care, specifically with the use case of prosthetics. Answering the call, Digital Catapult helped CBAS secure funding to develop and market PID:Digital

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Cambridge Bio-Augmentation Systems
  • £100K
    Received a £100,000 grant from Innovate UK.
  • 2 to 10
    Increased permanent staff count from 2 to 10 people and is recruiting for 6 technical roles.
  • £ Venture Capital
    Secured significant venture capital funding from UK and Silicon Valley investors.
  • International Markets
    Expanded the company to have a presence in the US market.
  • BEIS
    Showcased the company as a leading UK AI startup at the Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy.

Digital Catapult helps SenSat secure an Innovate UK grant and extend its customer base by nearly 200%.

In May 2015, the founder of SenSat, James Dean, developed a revolutionary new 3D mapping application for use on autonomous drones. This set a new standard for the planning, building and managing of construction projects.

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Digital Catapult helps SenSat secure an Innovate UK grant and extend its customer base by nearly 200%.
  • £420k
    Secured grants worth £420,000 from Innovate UK.
  • 1 to 16
    Grew the business from 1 to 16 people in a single year.
  • Tier one
    Extended their tier one customers from 9 to 26 in a single year.
  • £Seed
    Secured a substantial seed round of investment.


Nymbly is a UK based startup founded in 2016 who use a fast track prototyping and scaling platform to create sensors that enable customers, mostly operating in the smart cities and smart agriculture space, to develop Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.

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  • £100k
    Secured major contracts worth £100,000.
  • 100%
    Increased its staff count by 100 percent.
  • 100,000
    Is developing its product and platform so it can scale up to 100,000 devices.
  • Network
    Expanded its network across experts and other IoT startups.
  • Deployment
    Is making plans to deploy its platform across numerous other projects.
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